Risk: Factions

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: EA Games
  • Monthly Users: 4000
  • GD Star Rating

RISK: Factions is new Facebook strategy game by EA Games based in the Risk Board game. Take over the world, one territory at a time. Show your friends you are a force to be reckoned with!

Risk: Factions uses the basic rules of the original board game but adds all the usual social mechanics, add friends as allies, visit your friends base and help out, speed up building’s production, send gifts or compete against your friends or random players in turn based multiplayer matches.

Risk: Factions is presented with excellent graphics and sounds, cute and comic characters, great gameplay mechanics and long term playability.

Tips and Tricks

RISK Rules

There are some basic rules from the classic game of Risk that apply to Risk Factions.

• The attacker rolls one, two, or three dice and the defender rolls one or two dice depending on the number of soldiers on a territory.
• The attacker and defender’s highest die rolls are compared as are the second-highest die (if both players roll more than one dice.)
• Ties go to the defender and any additional dice are disregarded.
• One soldier must always occupy a territory. For example, if you have two soldiers on your territory, you will only be able to attack with one, because one must always stay and defend.
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