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Kabam is known by their Facebook strategy games, like Kingdoms of Camelot or Warfare, they have a reputation on developing good, solid strategy games, the number of players in those games states that. Another good thing is they can use their expertize on this type of games to develop other games in that specific genre or not…

Samurai Dynasty is too familiar for who ever played any of the above mentioned games, mainly Kingdom’s of Camelot. Except for the Theme, everything is so familiar, the way the game is structured, Main city screen, fields city screen, world screen, even the graphics and game layout are the same, the buildings serve similar purposes, farms, sawmills, Stone Pit and Mines are placed the exact same way, but with more Oriental touch. The city screen is also very similar, with houses, academies and upgrades…

Samurai Dynasty Field Screen


All of this doesn’t mean of course the game is bad, actually it is rather very nice, very fast paced tutorial and gameplay, in the tutorial all goes fast, and you’ll have lots of stuff built in no time, this will give players a great progression sensation.

You have to level up to be able to upgrade your buildings and units, and get access to new ones. You have to do research for new technology, which in turn will allow for better buildings and units.

When you first play the game you have a Beginner’s Protection for 7 days, in that time you cannot be attacked, this allows you to prepare yourself and learn all the necessary stuff to survive long the game, it also ensures a more even gameplay between all players, avoiding new players to be crushed by more experienced ones even before start.

Don’t forget to play the Yuna game, ate least one time a day to receive several bonus, this rewards players for playing regularly.

Samurai Dynasty Daily Yuna game


Overall, Samurai Dynasty is another great strategy game by Kabam, but it is too equal to Kingdom’s of Camelot, and as they are both demanding and deep, it is difficult to play both, I doubt that Kingdom’s of Camelot players will play this one, unless they happen to really like the Samurai theme…

If you never played and want to give a try to a great Facebook strategy game, you should at least try Samurai Dynasty.

Tips and Tricks

Samurai Dynasty Tips

From the Official game guide on Kabam Forum


Generals Quarters
– You can recruit up to 500 Facebook friends as Generals
– Facebook friends who play SD are 4x more powerful than friends who don’t play
– All Generals increase the power of their troops

Rally Point
– You assign up to 11 Generals to each Army, and every additional General increases the power of the Army.
– The Lead General (with the flag beside his/her portrait) increases the power of the Army the most, and also gets the most experience in combat
– The troops (soldiers) are assigned to the Army when they march out into the world

Overall Strategy
– Recruit as many Generals as possible
– If your generals are active players in the game, even better. You can opt to add your Alliance members as Facebook friends and recruit them.
– Stack 11 Generals into each Army, there is very little reason to have less.


Board game metaphor
– Very simple, imagine the world map as a board game
– There are tiles of the board (wildernesses, mountains, rivers) and there are board pieces (player armies, castles)
– Board pieces can move, tiles can’t
– One tile can only contain one board piece, except in special cases (reinforcement, armies residing in castles)

– Players can move from one tile to another, without having to conquer the target tile
– Players do not need to return to castle immediately after combat, they can stay on the world map and continue moving/attacking from there
– To own a tile that another player is standing on, you have to knock the other player off that tile first.

– If a player wants to attack another player or castle (board piece interacting with another board piece), at least one surrounding tile beside the target must be unoccupied at the moment of attack. If all surrounding tiles are occupied, the attack cannot occur.
– If a player wants to attack a tile, the tile must be unoccupied. All attacks are calculated as (a) move to tile (b) attack on tile you are standing on.

Out in the world/At Home
– While your Army is out in the world, it cannot replenish its troops. It must come home.

Overall Strategy
– We won’t recommend too many tactics but the system is very deep with high flexibility.
– Organized guilds can coordinate very detailed and strategic attacks and marches

Samurai Dynasty Official Guide

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