Shadow Fight

  • Genre: Action, Fighting
  • Developer: Nekki
  • Monthly Users: 1000000
  • GD Star Rating

Your friends annoy you? The hour of reckoning has come! Beat your friends in the fabulous fighting game: Shadow Fight! Witness spectacular battles, reach higher belts, study new techniques! Improve your skills to gain access to lethal weapons and forceful finishing moves.

Shadow Fight is Street Fighter for Facebook, for those of you who already know Street Fighter, you are about to leave and go play right away, even if it is only to see if I’m telling the truth, for the others lets take a better look at the game.

Shadow Fight lets you play the role of a fighter or it’s shadow to be true, you start by learning some basic moves, and the key combinations to play. It is a fighting game, not everybody likes the genre, but even for those not really into it, it can be quite a stress releaser, just remember to watch out for your keyboard, as fights sometimes makes you loose the control over your fingers and you find yourself hitting the keyboard repeatedly to try to defeat your opponent.


Your fighter actually is just a shadow, thus the Shadow Fight Title, the game features a lot of options, from training, to tournaments, boss battles, etc.

After learning the basic moves, the game offers quite a large freedom on what to do, you can keep practicing, or play against a friend, each fight requires an amount of energy, this is how the game time is paced, when your energy runs out you have to wait or buy more.

You start with unarmed fight, but you can later visit the store to buy Weapons, energy potions, strength scrolls or even special items to help you out in the fights.

Shadow Fight locations


By clicking the fight button you have access to a sort of map, where you can choose what to do, unarmed fight, friendly duel, exam, tournament, boss fight and the gate of shadows, there is also a two player option but we’ll get to that later.

The fighting part of the game is great and very fast paced, but it is against computer controlled opponents even when you are fighting against your friends, this is maybe the only downside of the game.

You gain experience and coins along your fights, and as you level up you get access to more moves, and can improve the moves you already have. To learn the moves is quite easy all you have to do is go to the techniques button, which opens a screen with all the available moves, and you just have to over your mouse on each move to see the key combination required. Some moves require a minimum Dan level to use, you can get your Dan levels by doing the exam.

Shadow Fight 2 player option


Now to the Two player, it is maybe the first Facebook game featuring two player in the same computer, this is a great addition to the game features, as I had people asking me the other day for games to play with friends in the same screen and keyboard, and I searched and found nothing, well this is it!

Overall, Shadow Fight is a great fighting game, with added role playing features, like progression and improvement. Social features are there to further improve the competition, and even as a solo game it provides for some nice entertainment time. All of this can only make the game a great addition to Facebook games, and also a really original and different option for everyone! Definitely a game to play!

Tips and Tricks

 How to play Shadow Fight

Go to training screen to practice your moves.

Shadow Fight Moves

And on the techniques button you can see all keyboard combinations on each move, by overing the mouse on the desired move.

Some moves require a certain Dan level, go exam to gain it.

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