SL Benfica Fantasy Manager

  • Genre: Football Manager
  • Developer: From the Bench
  • Monthly Users: 2200
  • GD Star Rating

SL Benfica Fantasy Manager takes you right to the heart of the Club. You make the decisions, build the brand and reach for the stars. Who is in your starting line-up? What new signings will you make? What Club venues would you like to built?

SL Benfica Fantasy Manager is developed by From The Bench, responsable for similar titles like Real Madrid Fantasy Manager or AC Milan Fantasy manager, and basically gives you the option to train another team, in this case SL Benfica.

All the game features are similar between the several titles, you have to manage your team, from finances, to assets, train players, choose tactics, and buy and sell players in the market, your goal is to be the best manager!

The Fantasy Manager series offers what manager fans look for, deep and demanding gameplay, dedication and skill to pull up the best results and come up with the best team possible!

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SL Benfica Fantasy Manager, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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