Smurfs & Co

  • Genre: City Building
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Monthly Users: 500000
  • GD Star Rating

Join the Smurfs on their newest smurftastic adventure in The Smurfs & Co! Gargamel has found the location of the Smurfs town and it’s up to you to help Papa Smurf create a special potion to make Gargamel forget.

You’ll build elaborate towns in new and unique locations in order to find the special ingredients needed for the potion. Starting out in the forest, you’ll need to clear away weeds, shrubs, and thorns to establish your very own town with amazing workshops, buildings and decorations. As your towns become happier and happier, famous Smurfs will come to visit you with exciting quests. Play together with your friends and help each other as you continue on this great journey!

Smurfs & Co is a new Facebook Game based on the Smurfs theme, enjoying the success of the recently released movie, Ubisoft launched the 30 year old Surf theme back, nice for Smurf and City Building building Fans.

The game play very much like Ravenwood Fair, where you have to clear the terrain in order to get space to place your buildings. As usual you get experience and resources by clearing bushes and rocks, you also have to perform quests, like building a house or a game, this will rise your level of happiness which is necessary to bring new famous Smurfs to you town.

New tasks are also suggested by the various Smurfs, just talk to them when they show a interrogation point…

Quests are well presented and integrated in the whole theme, each new Smurf brings new options, and quests, graphically the game is very attractive, and the Smurfs are detailed and funny.

Socially, you can visit your friends and help them out, you can send and receive gifts, ask for necessary parts to build some buildings or finish some quests, all works fine and you can enjoy a nice time playing it.

Smurfs & Co is a very polished and nice City Building game to play, doesn’t bring much new when compared to other games on the genre, but the Smurfs theme is really nice and enjoyable to watch…

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