• Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
  • Developer: OMGPOP
  • GD Star Rating

Snoops is a detective game on Facebook where you have to investigate and solve a series of mysteries. The game uses to different gameplay styles that combine into a nice experience, and at the same time make the game more varied.

In Snoops, you have cases to solve, this are presented in case files, each one divided into several locations you have to explore to find clues, once you have found all the clues in a case, you have to try a solve a puzzle and determine which of the suspects is guilty.

In each location you have to click tiles to uncover clues and other rewards, but may also uncover bombs, you have to be careful in your search.

After all clues are collected you are taken to the solv-a-tron, which basically is a logic puzzle where you have to place the right items in the right suspects to discover the right suspect. This is basically a try and error game, but there is a leader board to show who solved it in less tries.

Friends randomly show up in the locations offering their help, and you can invite them to be your neighbors, it a nice touch a different from other games, you can just hit the invite friends button.

You also have your own Office, where you can get extra energy through the juice machine, or decorate it as you which, you can also visit the market for more energy, although the game is quite generous about it, or extra tools for your missions.

Tips and Tricks


Try to click tiles diagonally, there is a chance you’ll need half the energy to find clues.

Also when you have locked tiles, just clear the rest, and some random friend will come to clear it for you if you just wait for a while.

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