Social Empires

  • Genre: Strategy, Role Playing
  • Developer: Social Point
  • Monthly Users: 1000000
  • GD Star Rating

Social Empires is a social strategy game from Social Point. Create your empire from the ground, train your villagers, build houses, mills, barracks and everything you want to make your empire better. Fight against your friends and conquer the world.

There are many a game on Facebook that claims to be a strategy game, but very few do so in a real-time fashion.

Similar in respect to other social games such as Backyard Monsters, as well as popular traditional PC games like the Age of Empires series Social Empires gives players a much more active role in the game in allowing them to control most of the game’s minor nuances (combat, resource management, etc.). The main downside is that the level of micromanagement can get tedious at times.

Social Empires is one of the best strategy games on Facebook, you have to gather resources, like wood, stone and gold, capture and raise animals, you also have to upgrade this type of resources to lumber mills, of sheep and cow ranches or gold mines.

In Social Empires you have to balance, population (by building houses) to have more workers, and therefor to support your troops, you also have different types of combat units each produced in different structures, that you also have to build, and can later upgrade, like barracks, or stables.

As you level up new and more diversified mission will be available, speaking of missions, the mission system is extremely well achieved, fast and with help in each mission with explanation and graphic help.

Ultimately your goal is to conquer the world, this means that what starts as a city building game on the first stages, evolves to a much more strategic centered experience, once you start attacking your neighbors to expand your Empire.

Social Empires is graphically quite simple, but offers a fantastic strategy experience as a social game, so the name of the game couldn’t more appropriate!

Tips and Tricks

Social Empire Battle Tips

More tips

Tips found in the above video (credits to isocialempire)

Save the cash Social Empires gives you in the start of the game. It will come in handy later.

Put a border around your empire, use towers and walls. Remeber to keep them as updated as possible.

Kill the trolls around the land first because then you can get goods easier without the threats of trolls and you can tell who’s going to attack you next.

Buy small refuges, it will keep valuable units safe from undetected attacks.

Have as many Allies as possible, you can send each other out and earn gold or XP.

Keep basic units around your empire, They are cheep and strong.

Inside your empire, keep a border of archers, this keeps close combat from happening, so no one dies anymore.

As soon as you log on, check on your neighbors because they might need help. If you help them you get 50 gold and 10 XP

Always check the borders of the entire map, the troll or the enemy at the tip of the end of the map will attack you.

Build mines and mills in your empire, they are the easiest way to collect gold,stone,wood, and meat.

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Social Empires – Bossfight

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Bait and Switch by Gary Gillis

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