Social Wars

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Social Point
  • Monthly Users: 1000000
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Social Wars is the latest Facebook strategy game from Social Point, makers of Social Empires. Social Wars is the revised version of Men Vs Women, where Men and Women now battle against aliens forces.

Build your military city and train your soldiers to face the threat of the outer space invaders!  Be the leader of the human race at this very crucial moment!  Discover the glorious battles and adventurous quests that are waiting for you!

Social Wars gameplay is very similar to Social Empires, with upgraded and updated graphics and some new game mechanics, there are a lots of mission to accomplish divided into two main areas, the story mode, where you have to follow the given tasks and conquer islands one by one, which is named as “Mission World”, and an area called “Players World” accessible for players above level 8, where you can fight other players.

Social Wars uses all the usual social mechanics, visit friends, ask for help and vice-versa, form alliances or chat are just some of the examples.

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