Sorority Life

  • Genre: Dress up, role playing
  • Developer: Playdom
  • GD Star Rating

Sorority Life lets you be a fashionista and live the glamorous life of a sorority sister!

In this free Facebook game, you can hit the mall for the latest fashions and create the perfect look for your avatar. Indulge in your fashion obsession with designer clothes, shoes, handbags, sunglasses and other accessories! Then light up the runway as you strut your stuff down the catwalk. When you’re dressed and ready to go, hit the city to socialize with your friends in a never-ending array of social events!

It offers you the chance to become one of the most popular girls around, simply by shopping, doing social events, and just having a good time. Sorority Life is is a great girls online game for any age.

There are lots of different goals in Sorority Life, and it can be easy to get distracted. The main goal of the game overall is to level your characters up. To do this, you’ll have to complete smaller goals along the way which give the game a nice appeal as it gives you plenty to play.

For those that like being able to control just about everything in a social game, Sorority Life is a good one for you.

In Sorority Life you will do jobs and hold events that offer you a mini-game. These games include hidden objects, match-3 games, and more. This puts a great spin on this turn-based RPG, as it gives you a break from the normal game play.

Also, you will be able to create and play up to 10 different characters without paying for different characters or costing you any special points.

Another area where Sorority Life stands out is in the graphics. While there aren’t major battles going on, the graphics that are in the game are extremely well done.

There are several different special items that you can find in Sorority Life, some are able to be purchased with money you earn in the game, others with brownie points that you earn (or buy), and others are found by doing certain socializing events. These special items include things like special outfits, handbags, jewelry, glasses, hair styles, and more.

Overall, even if you think you’re too old for this type of girls online game, give it a try. Sorority Life is a pretty well put together game that offers lots of fun along with your favorite social aspects.

Tips and Tricks

Sorority Life Tips

You need to get a better paid job in Sorority Life game so that you can earn more money and to buy the better glam to make you stronger.

In Sorority Life game, people can steal your money when they attack you, so as soon as you have $1000 or more, then quick keep it in the bank.

You can get more money and influence points once you attack other a lot. You not need to worry that other people will attack you back, as this is a game only.

Most of the new Sorority Life player don’t know where to get the brownie points, but actually you can get the brownie points from house mom. You need to pay by ‘Real Money’ or join some offers in order to get the brownie points in order to buy the good glam items and get extra house members.

No one can attack you when your confidence level go down to low enough (attack other people till it go down), then you can rest for while to regain back the confidence. During this time you can earn more cash from your job or other activities in Sorority Life game.

You can join the Sorority Life community in order to get more sisters for your house. You can search from Internet, and there are lot.

You can create 10 characters in your Sorority Life games using the same account, so you can use the different options for your doll to give you different chances in the games like making money easier, or fighting off attacks. But you only can switch the Sorority Life character after 60 mins.

You can send and receive the gift in Sorority Life game, but is limited per day. So you need to receive the gift that you like most, follow by other gift.

You need to level up and increase your house size by inviting your Facebook or MySpace friends to join and play the Sorority Life game.

You can buy more accessories, outfits or cars in the Sorority Life game to make you feel happy so that keep yourself continue to play this game.

You remember to click on the ‘energy’ on your Sorority Life character on left top, and use your skill point to improve your characters.

Once you fight with a rival and able to win and gain $70,000, then you can right click on the ‘Attack’ button in the ‘Rival Attack’ tab and copy down the URL link address or shortcut (depend on which Internet browser you are using), the paste to your Internet browser address bar to go to this rival home page.

Sorority Life Cheats

When you are doing the Costume Party event, you will be able to read the list of the ten items you need to find through the curtain before the game starts. Go over the list and memorize the things you need to find, after a few times playing the game, you will start to remember where all the different items are and you should be able to finish the event in record times, earning you some cool glam that can’t be bought for money in Sorority Life.

To get as many brownie points as you want, take advantage of the free offers. It is important that you never use your real email address when completing these ‘offers’ as they are all just a bunch of scams to get your contact information. Set up an account with a throw away email site, like Most of the offers will also require a valid address and phone number. I like to use the yellow pages and search for DMV offices in various states.

Finally, there is a Sorority Bot that you can set to play the game for you. It will handle the fighting, and socializing for you automatically, and can really make you fly through the game. To learn how to use the bot, check out this video:

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