Special Forces

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Enter the shadowy world of covert ops in this modern-day RPG. Level up to complete dangerous missions around the world and take down rogue squads. Become the best Covert Operative on the planet!

Genre: Simulation, Warfare, RPG

Developer name: Zynga


Special Forces follows Zynga’s formula for RPG games on Facebook: Earn money, do missions, spend energy, and level up. In general, each of these games all have a different premise and style applied to them, but the style really works.

Zynga has discovered that they can reach different demographics by changing the theme around the same core game play mechanics. There is Mafia Wars for those that want to play the bad guy, Vampires Wars and Dragon Wars for the fantasy types, Fashion Wars, and Special Forces for those that enjoy modern military games.

As for Special Forces itself, the game starts players off as a recruit in a place called “The Command” with the sole purpose of affecting the world stage. As with its counterparts, the player has their standard stats, energy, stamina, health, and cash.

You can purchase various upgrades and recruit others to join your squad in order to complete missions and level up, but as expected, each mission utilizes energy and the you must wait for it to recharge in order to do more. Of course, if your energy is gone, you can always pick a fight or try to assassinate someone on the bounty list using your remaining stamina, but that’s not all that is included into game play.

One thing that is different and interesting about this app is the strategic element of “contracts”. You can to spend  your cash on more than just weapons and armor in Special Forces and actually invest into these contracts by “bribing” corrupt individuals that reside in “high” places. What this does is provide the player with hourly payoffs to provide a consistent source of income, meaning that a player can earn decent money without having to play constantly.

As standard as Special Forces may be, it works. And players of other Zynga titles would certainly enjoy it . The only really unique feature is the contracts, but for Zynga, it isn’t about creating totally new game play every game. It’s about applying a new theme with each rendition of a tried and true formula with the occasional new feature.


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