Sports City

  • Genre: City Building, Management
  • Developer: iZ Social
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Sports City is a city building and manager game on Facebook by iZ Social where you become the world’s best business person and sports director.

Create your own stadium, manage teams in different sporting disciplines and make it to the top of the world ranking, setting up elite training facilities, youth teams, shops, members’ clubs, transport networks… Everything you need for the best sports club.

As a sports director, you’ll have to achieve the best possible return. How? By hiring the best professionals in the market, directly training your teams and obtaining the best results in the matches played.

The more fans you can recruit in each sport, the more progress you’ll make as an entrepreneur and team manager.

With Sports City by IZ Socialgames you can manage your own tactics to get the best players in the market and become a guru of sports and strategy.

The first sport is free to build. From the second sport, you will need the help of 4 of your friends who hold the managerial positions of your sport. You can also unlock this feature early by purchasing it with SC Dollars.

To expand your city you have to access the Shop and choose the Tab called “Land expansions”. Here is where you will find all amplification options. You can expand your city with the help of your neighbors or by paying with SC Dollars.

Sports City is a really nice game, with a nice theme and great graphics and gameplay.

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