• Genre: 2d Racing
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  • Monthly Users: 100000
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Play the most exciting street racing game on Facebook!

Choose a car, upgrade and pimp it up, beat the clock on tons of different tracks to unlock hidden bonuses, challenge your friends to one-on-one duels, drift around on thrilling tracks and build your reputation. Move up in the high score tables to stack your garage with trophys and awards and brag about your accomplishments to make everyone envious.
See who is the fastest person on each track and race against their ghost cars or ditch the racing course and go cruise along the allyways and narrow parkroads or burn rubber on wide tarmac covered streets.
Start playing now to get ahead of others and gain access to custom cars and thrilling tracks!

StreetRally is an enjoyable Facebook game with social element that also comes packed with style, graphics, and several modes of play. There are a lot of browser games out there, but few that offer any kind of repeat play value.

StreetRally is one of those Facebook titles that offers players additional reasons to come back for more. There are even various models of cars to choose from, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. But what really makes this game awesome is that it’s a Facebook game that you can play for free. This gives you both a reason and a means to challenge your friends to a race. And the great thing is, once you beat them into submission, you can brag about it to all your other friends.

Gameplay is what really is important in this type of games, no matter how good the graphics are, if the gameplay sucks, theres nothing to about it. That’s where StreetRally stands out, the gameplay is familiar but not exaggerated, and it’s just varied enough to be unique. The graphics are nice. StreetRally utilizes an overhead view which allows you to see what’s going on all around you. The maps are also interesting, each with its own unique design and scenery.

Most browser games are intentionally designed to look like a cartoon or an animated graphic design project. The game employs a range of special effects not usual in flash based games these days.

Overall StreetRally looks great, it’s easy to master and it’s fun to play with your friends on Facebook, over and over again.

The developers were very nice and gave us some more insight on the game development:

Some key points about the development
*The game is based on box2d engine and everything car-related has been built from scratch.

*We used our own bitmap based rendering engine instead of Flash native rendering capabilities to increase performance.

*A very flexible track/world creation engine was used to make track creation easy and to possibly allow players to create tracks of their own in the future. Different surfaces can be used when creating tracks- gravel, tarmac, snow, ice etc.

*Some variables used used on the physics of the car: rolling resistance, air resistance, braking, torque, car and tyre dimensions and weight, weight distribution, transmission efficiency, gear ratios, drive axle etc. etc.
*AI has been modified and simplified over time to decrease demand for pc performance.

We are currently working on some last-minute bugs and fixes to get the new version live. It`s going to have some major updates and changes that we are really excited about.

A career mode with lots of new cars, a better track selection based on world map, improved physics and additional race types e.g point-to-point racing, getaway racing etc.

Tips and Tricks

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StreetRally gameplay

StreetRally game trailer

StreetRally medieval track

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