Sunny Beach

  • Genre: Island Management, Tycoon
  • Developer: Etplay Inc.
  • Monthly Users: 1
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Sunny Beach is an island management and simulation game available on Facebook from the genre of Happy Island or Resort World. You start with an empty island and you have to build it up with structures and facilities to attract visitors.

Sunny Beach. In a place far away is a city, right on the shore and bathed in sun. This is your paradise.

Not only can you take in the scenery but you can also make your riches; build on the beach and attract customers. You can also compete and share with your friends.

The game graphics and environment are simple but very attractive, as other similar games you get experience by building structures and placing decorations, which will allow you to level up, unlocking new structures and items.

Sunny Beach has no energy system, you are restricted by the amount of money you have to build structures, but the game is well balanced, and if you follow the missions available through your assistant Sanny, you’ll have no difficulty to get used to the gameplay quickly.

Sunny Beach has some particular features, like having to trigger which mission you want to do, you can only go one mission at a time, but you can cancel it at any time and choose another, later you can get back to the canceled mission. You also have to visit Sanny after finishing each quest to receive your reward, after a while it can be repetitive, but it is also a way to keep you entertained.

Some structures will have mini-games you can play to collect some type of reward, which is a nice touch. The game features a great number of Scenic Facilities, Decorations and services.

Socially, you can have a which list, which can be used by your friends to gift you with the desired items, another nice touch is the Ice Cream car feature that consist in the possibility to send an Ice Cream Car to your friends islands for a period of time generating revenue from its sales, the higher the level of your friend the higher the revenue.

Other extra features like trying to contact and attract ETs or having more islands as you level up are also nice, collections are also present.

Overall Sunny Beach is a very pleasant game and provides a nice game experience for management fans.

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