Dragon City


Dragon City is a new exciting game where you breed your own dragons and create a fantastic world of magical islands! You can also combat against your friends with you team of dragons! Join the fairytale fun and hatch a dragon egg! Hatch,breed all kinds of dragons and create new amazing species!The final goal is to join the Dragon Leagues …

The Ville


Live the life you always wanted in The Ville! Build your dream home, choose your own career, host parties for groups of friends, and even find romance! It’s all about you and the choices you want to make. You can have it all in The Ville! Videos



ChefVille is another, city building, cooking themed Facebook game by Zynga, with ome details from Cafe World, Cityville and others tiltles, this is an attempt to offer a refreshing new game for Facebook users. In ChefVille, discover a mouth-watering world of food where you craft delicious recipes and go beyond the restaurant to create your own culinary adventure!

Rabbids Invasion


The Rabbids invade farming and city building games and spread the mayhem on Facebook! THE RABBIDS INVADE THE SOCIAL NETWORK! Rabbids get unleashed on the most popular social network and are determined to make a mess of everything, including Facebook, and run things the Rabbid way! Embark on hysterical quests to rabbidize everyone’s favorite social games. Wreak havoc and spread …

Ravenshire Castle


Ravenshire Castle. Sneak past your rivals and restore glory to your Kingdom. Introducing an all-new stealth game from the Ravenworld. Compete with friends while restoring glory to your family’s Kingdom! Videos

Jammy Dragon


Jammy Dragon has an eloquent story line with a view of the world and fantastic graphics that will maximize players’ engagement. Jammy Dragon’ is a management simulation game. The Player becomes a village chief who signs a contract with dragon residents and accumulates power to fight against devils’ invasion by protecting and expanding the village. Players can enjoy developing a …

Smooty Tales


Meet the Smooties! Embark on an exciting quest in this enchanting world populated by cute and cheeky little critters! Explore the Smooties world and take care of your little creature. Teach it the rudiments of life, decorate where it lives and explore other lands in order to find new friends for it. Discover the many secrets of the Smooty people! …

Rollercoaster Mania


Rollercoaster Mania is a new city building Facebook game where you can build your own amusement park. You start with a really small piece of land and you have to build up to a great Carnival by placing different kinds of Roller coasters and other entertainment buildings, these will allow you to attract new visitors, but thats not all, you …