• Genre: Restaurant
  • Developer: Metrogames
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

It’s tea time! In Tea4Friends you manage your own tea shop and delight customers with the sweetest drinks and most delicious cakes. Decorate the place and customize your employees to create the greatest store in the world!

Tea4Friends is another restaurant management game for Facebook, unfortunately it offers little to the already filled universe of this type of games.

It has nice and polished graphics, a great character customization and some nice tweaks, like the possibility to build a Library for your customers. But ultimately its fall in the same routine as other already well established games like Café World or Restaurant City.

The gameplay is standard, you start with a small tutorial that teaches you the game basics, prepare you recipes, with 3 click steps, clean up your oven, and prepare another recipe. You can Hire friends to work for you in you restaurant, and visit them to help out cleaning their place.

Tea4Friends Game Screen


You also need friends to help out in some special quests, like building a library, you can ask your friends for parts or have the option to just buy them with Facebook Credits.

Tea4Friends features all the standard option in this genre of game, for each recipe you prepare you get experience points and money, when you level up, more recipes will be available and so on.

Tea4Friends Hire Friends Screen


The same happens, with your restaurant customization, you can buy more ovens, decorations, utility items and hire more friends as you advance in the game.

You can also customize the exterior of your establishment, and your characters (you and the friends you hired) with lots of options.

Tea4Friends end up as another Cafe /Restaurant management to the Facebook offer, but with almost nothing new to add.

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