The A-List

  • Genre: Virtual World, Simulation, Tycoon
  • Developer: Diversion, Inc
  • GD Star Rating

The A-List is a social game set in Virtual Hollywood where you experience all the drama, fame, fortune and lifestyle of an A-List movie star! To succeed you must get close to high-powered producers, directors and studio heads in an effort to convince them to cast you in their next blockbuster movie. Grow your entourage, build your own neighborhood and release your movies in theaters owned by your friends and expand your brand persona with clothing lines, soft drink endorsements, business investments and more!

The A-List is a new Facebook game about fame and glamour, you take the role of an actor/actress and you have to build up your reputation, by making movies, improving your assets, attending premieres and all the things related to the movie industry. The A-List is an improvement of the Fame Town game.

The game offers a very enjoyable experience, with nice and varied scenarios, interesting quests, and a good overall look. The tutorial is well built, and you get the basics on the gameplay pretty easily. You have to practice your roles, read the scripts and finally act in the movies, off course it is all a matter of energy and clicking, but done in a very enjoyable way.

Although you should follow the several quests you are given, there is a sense of freedom, as you can wonder around the various locations available in the map. As you gain experience and level up, new locations will become available, also new items and missions.

You also have a city building corner, you block, here you start with your theater and your house, and you have to increase your reputation, basically by buying stuff ( like the real world…), each item will give reputation points, the more points you have, the better contract offers will be available.

You can, and should, put your movies in your friends theaters to get money, you can also help them out when visiting, with the usual tasks, collecting from builds, etc.

Technically The A-List, is very nice, with good graphics and animations, great variation on location sets and scenarios, different and enjoyable quests, and will for sure praise many Facebook players, who like social and celebrity themed games.

Tips and Tricks

How to play The A-List

For the A-List community site, click here.
For the A-List support site, click here or email
Under the My Stuff menu you will find your inventory. Gifts your friends have sent you, items you’ve gathered while doing tasks, and things you’ve purchased from the store will show up here.
By clicking on the Map you can see your available locations and sets for your current level. By clicking on one of these locations you will be taken directly to it so you can get to shooting or hanging out with your fans.
The Store icon will bring up the in game store.
The My Block button will return you from wherever you are to your block.
The Tools button will bring up a menu that allows you to change the abilities of your mouse within the game. Under this menu you will find the buttons for Move and Sell, you can use these on your block to move your buildings and decorations around or to sell them back to the store.

For more help check the game help just above the game screen.

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The A-List, 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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