The Island: Castaway

  • Genre: farming, island management
  • Developer: Pixonic LLT
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Welcome to Adventure Island! Take care of exotic plants and animals. Collect precious items. Explore the island and unravel its mysteries!

The Island: Castaway is a Facebook game from Pixonic LLC, that places you as a survivor in a deserted island, only with your wrecked boat and some items to survive. It could be an adventure game, but it is just another farming simulation with some tweaks.

I can remember some names like Island Paradise or Happy Island that can be easily associated with this game. But as you star to play it, you get some nice surprises!

The Island: Castaway environment, graphics and decorations are put together to recreate a very nice scenario, you actually have the feeling of being stranded on a desert island. The game features a great variety of trees, bushes and grass types, sugar canes, etc.

You start by picking up some stranded boxes from a ship wreck, containing some items inside, this brings one of the nice added features of the game, the possibility to combine items together to produce utility items, for example you find a rope and some Ice Skates (lol) in the stranded boxes, and you can combine them into a cutting instrument (machete).

You will also be able to combine matches with wood to produce fire, and this are just for start, new items and combinations are available as you level up.

The obvious downside on all the story environment, is the store! Here you can buy (you have no choice), seeds to plant, trees, animals and buildings, this sort of destroys the initial environment.

But there are lots of variations on the type of things you can do, and as you explore the island and perform task, you can find some collectible items, collections are usual in Facebook games this days, and The Island: Castaway also uses the formula. Each complete collection has its own reward, can be gold, items animals, etc…

Socially the game uses the latest strategies, like having to hire friends to help you out in some things, like for example, to rebuild your piscary spot, you need fishbreeder, pear keeper weather forecaster, etc.

The Island: Castaway also offers a lot of micromanagement task, building requires several steps, and you can decorate your structures by painting them or adding various decorations.

Overall The Island: Castaway plays very well,  is entertaining and offers some fresh ideas. The biggest penalty resides in the store that is completely out of place in this game, and could have been easily replaced with other ideas, like finding seeds by exploring or digging, and by finding animals around the island, etc. and would give the game a much greater appeal.

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