The Settlers – My City

  • Genre: City Building, Management
  • Developer: Ubisoft
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The Settlers – My City, is City Building and Management game, or more precisely a Kingdom building and management game, you start with a devastated small village, and you have to make it prosper to its once greatest glory.

This is done by building and producing goods, and not by force, the game as some of the most fantastic visuals I have ever seen in a Facebook game, with lots of detail and animations.

You start the game with a small tutorial, that will teach you the gameplay basics, and you are set to go, with nice introductory quests, from construction to resource gathering and decoration, you are set to go in no time, the rest is up to you to decide, what you want to build first, more houses to increase population or more bakeries and butcheries to increase revenue?

There much more to the game, you can gamble in the casino, visit friends and look for hidden treasures in their kingdoms, send gifts, or ask for particular resources that you need. The game also features achievements which is always nice

As usual, pretty much everything you do will give you experience and rewards, this will allow you to level up and gain access to other building, decoration and game features.Later in the game you can even play a mini-game of battle in the tavern.

The full screen features favors The Settlers – My City even more usual, with stunning visual and a nice music and sounds effects, it is a pleasure to play, just check it out is my advice.

In the new The Settlers – My City you can:

– Build your own blooming cities and take care of your inhabitants!
– Invite your friends and help each other build thriving economies!
– Explore the wide regions of your kingdom!
– Set up a strong production and earn prosperity!

Tips and Tricks

The Settlers – My City Guide / Tips and FAQ

You start by following the tutorial

Production Screen

Building / Trader Screen

Gathering resources Screen


How to build build decorations, producers, residences & expand?

In The Settlers – My City every building has to be bought in the Trader. Click on the Trader if you want to purchase a building. You find four categories there: Workshops, Residences, Decorations & Expansions.

– Workshops: You can produce goods here.
– Residences: You need them to house more settlers.
– Decorations: Use them to beautify your city or to complete quests.
– Expansions: Click here if you want to buy more land.

If you click on the “Specials” button you can buy item packages, special offers, resources and soon trade. You can get Prestige Points for Level Ups, Quests or just buy them: Click on the “Get More” button.

How to produce goods?

If you have purchased a Workshop at the Trader you can place it on your city map. You can also use your initial Tutorial Bakery. Once you have a placed a producer, click on it. When the Action Panel is open, click on “Produce” to open the Production Panel. There you can produce your goods.Keep in mind that you can mix your goods! For example you can produce 2 Bread Rolls and 3 Whole Grain Breads in one production cycle in your Bakery (Level 2).

How to store items & use gifts?

Next to the Trader you find the Storehouse. It has two main functions. You will find your stored items here and your accepted gifts. To store an item (Workshop, Residence or Decoration) left click on it and choose “Store” in the open Action Panel. Afterwards you will find this item in the “Stock” section of your storehouse.

If you want to accept a gift simply go to the “Game Requests” section of your Facebook page or click on the envelope at the top-right of your game screen. If a friend has sent you a gift you will see a notification here. Click on the button “Accept” to store your gifts in the “Gifts” section of the Storehouse.
Note: Gifted resources will be taken directly to your account and don”t appear in the Storehouse.

How to add friends and neighbours?

Click on the “My Neighbours” option on top or click on the arrow in the central bottom area of the game screen to see your neighbours. You can click on an empty spot (Add Friend) to add one of your friends. Everybody in your friends list who already plays The Settlers – My City will automatically be added as your neighbour.

Where to get quests?

Click on the dragon symbol in the bottom area of the game screen to view your quests. Every time you get a new quest the dragon symbol is highlighted. To accept a new quest and see a short description click on the arrow in the Quest List.

Where to get resources for buildings?

Click on the map icon at the bottom of the screen or click on the main gate of your city. You leave your city screen and enter the sector map. Here you can harvest resources. Click on a resource sector to open the harvest panel. Assign some of your workers to start gathering. You can also buy resources in the Trader: Specials -> Buy Resources. Your friends can send you resources too.

How to get Coins or Prestige Points?

You get coins from selling your produced goods or as reward for fulfilled quests. Other ways to earn coins are to harvest your buildings, feed your animals, click on wallposts of your friends or buy them (click on the coin symbol in your game screen). You receive prestige points for level ups and special quests. You can also buy them, click on “Add Prestige points” or the crown symbol in your game screen.

How can I house more settlers?

You receive more settlers if you build more houses. You need them to produce goods and gather resources. You can buy houses at the Trader. Click on the button “Residences”.

How to unlock more items?

Some items are locked at the beginning. You need a higher Level to unlock them. You can reach a higher level by earning Experience points (XP). Nearly every action in the game (e.g. placing items, completing quests, visiting friends…) is rewarded with XP. Raise your kingdom now!

How to play the Mini-Game?

Before you can play the Mini-Game you have to complete the “Attack the Order” quest chain. During these quests you learn how to play the mini game. After you completed the quests you can click on your Tavern. There you can buy soldiers and fight training battles.

How to see my Achievements?

Click on the crown symbol to enter your throne room (alternatively you can click on your castle). There you can see your achievements

ThisFAQ is based on the Official game help.

Also checkout the community here

If you have any questions, just leave a comment, someone will help you out!
And if you have additional tips, just share it using the comments!
And keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


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