The Stratagems

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Joyfort
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The Stratagems is an immersive online game that will bring players back to the war-torn years of World War II. Finding yourself in a battle-scarred world, you will assume the role of a military commander in charge of an occupied town seeking to survive, develop, and to ultimately establish yourself as a stable, powerful force. You will take part in urban management, production planning, research, trade, and labor allocations within the city. You also have the option of interacting with other players via military or diplomatic means.

The Stratagems also features real heroes and famous generals from World War II and will highlight their particular skills in combat. The game uses real troops from World War II, showcasing their strengths and weaknesses to create a balanced game. The Stratagems is designed to be an easily accessible, yet fun to play and stimulating game for everyone to enjoy.

The Stratagems features real weapons and units taken from historical World War II sources. You have the ability to build and command more than 40 kinds of World War II units from all sides of the conflict including “Katyusha” rockets, “King Tiger” tanks, “Stuka” bombers, and battleships. By advancing your technology, you can even build your own aircraft carrier fleet.

The Stratagems plays out as a turn-based management game, the realistic new combat system allows you to use tactics to control every aspect of your combined arms intelligently, making it possible for a weaker player to defeat a stronger army and making for a fairly balanced gameplay experience. The sea takes your gameplay experience to a whole new level. By building a powerful Navy and Air Force, you can engage in monumental sea battles and fully exploit rich marine resources. Together, like-minded players can rule the coast lines and monopolize these resources, further empowering their military forces.

The only drawback of The Stratagems as a Facebook game, is that it is neither casual nor easy to play, and demands a lot of gameplay time and effort, usually to a more hardcore player profile.

Tips and Tricks

The Stratagems first day tutorial guide

After reading through this guide, you will have a better idea as to how to use the 1st day’s time in The Stratagems more efficiently.

1. Radio Broadcast & Chat

– Every message in World Channel will cost you a Radio Broadcast.

– You instantly have 20 Radio Broadcasts at start (You have to go through the beginner guide to get them. If you choose to skip it, please go to “Stockpile” and then “Chests” to open “Rookie Pack 1” to get them).

– If you complete the mission of “Daily Event”, you can claim 20 Radio Broadcasts more every day.


2. Arm Plant & Troop Recruit

– The Arm Plant is the place where troops are recruited.

– Own a General Headquarters first so; you can build your Arm Plant.


3. Communication Center & Join/Build Alliance

– To join an alliance, you first need to build a Level 1 Communication Center.

– You have to update the Communication Center to Level 2 to build an alliance.


4. Resources & Production Fields

– There are 5 kinds of resources in The Stratagems that gives different products: Food, Steel, Oil, Rare Metal and gold


a. The Food Farm produces food.

b. The Steel Plant produces steel.

c. Oil Refinery produces Oil.

d. Rare Metal Plant produces Rare Metal.

e. and people pay taxes (Gold).


5. Population

– The Civilian House gives people.

– The levels of Civilian Houses determines pop cap.

– The people who can be recruited for troops are the idle pop.

– There are 3 ways of increasing population:


a. Build more Civilian Houses.

b. Upgrade Civilian Houses.

c. Use items, Immigration Bill or Immigration Edict.


6. The Ways to Start a War

– Click on the icon of a target.

– Choose a battle mode.

– Dispatch a general and the troops.

– Then the battle starts.


7. “Enemy” on the maps

– “Enemy” on the maps refers to NPC (Non-player Character). You can attack them to earn experience and special items.


8. Recruit Officers

– You can recruit officers at the Military Institute.

– To build a Military Institute, you have to own a Level 2 Civilian House.


9. Morale, Complaints & Tax Rate

– If Moral + Complaints + Tax Rate > 100, the Morale goes down.

– If Moral + Complaints + Tax Rate = 100, the Morale remains the same.

– If Moral + Complaints + Tax Rate < 100, the Morale goes up.

– The Morale influences population trends.


10. Rookie Gifts

– Every day you can get Rookie Gifts of 10 diamonds during the 1st week when you enter The Stratagems.

– Just click the “Mission” tab, followed by the “Daily” sub-tab, and then click the “Rookie Gifts”.

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