The Warlords

  • Genre: Role Playing TCG
  • Developer: BitRhymes
  • Monthly Users: 300
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The Warlods is a role playing and Collectible Card Facebook game, it mixes the two genres into a complex and full featured experience, lacking only the option to play your own battles.

You star up by choosing your avatar, followed by an introduction to the battle system which requires you to build a squad with several cards, you have to choose one hero and several normal units, once this is done you can start the game. The tutorial covers the battle part, but little more, so when you get to the main game screen you might feel overwhelmed by the quantity of option available.

The Warlords looks and plays much like Mafia Wars or Martial Arts Master, on a click base, where you choose which task to do and watch the progress bar go up.

There are lots of different quests to play, divided into genres, you can do strategic quest, treasure quests, monster quests, all with different purposes and rewards.

Your skills are divided into energy, which is used to do quests and stamina, which is used to battle other players, every action will reward you with experience and money, eventually special items can be gain trough random drops. Level up will unlock new quests and items and is obtained by gaining experience.

Like on Mafia Wars, the number of friends you have is quite relevant, mainly in battles, you need a very large of friends to join as allies in order to be successful in battles.

You can also challenge friends or battle available opponents in the battle screen, the game also features tournaments where you can compete for prizes.

Crafting is also present, and allow for rare cards to be forged, usually with your friends help.

The Warlords is quite a complete and full of features game, but the auto battle system, the continuous reloading and the tight energy requisites take it down a notch.

Tips and Tricks

The Warlords Trick


The Avatar represents you and is what other players will see you as in the game.

Cards and Attributes

Every card has 3 different attributes used in battle:

  • Health (Your card’s health, your card dies or is moved to the graveyard when all points have been removed by the enemy during battle)
  • Attack (Your card’s attack points, causes damage to opponent or enemy cards removing health equal to the unit or hero’s attack points)
  • Ready value (The number of turns it takes for your card to enter battle, more is explained in the game play section)

Almost all cards also have special abilities which you will learn about more later in the game.

Building a squad for battle

The objective of the game is to defeat your opponent using your squads and units. Every squad must have a hero card, heroes are powerful cards that lead a squad and help you choose the rest of your squad.

Creating a squad

To create or manage a squad you must use the squad builder or “squads” in the top menu. You must first select a hero, drag an available hero or a hero you want to use to the slot in the center of the squad builder.

To add more units to your squad (you cannot add units without selecting a hero first), drag the units you wish to use to your squad. You can also replace a unit by dragging another unit over the unit you wish to change. You must fill all the slots, if a unit is greyed out, the unit maybe unavailable because they maybe already selected or even used in a different squad.

To save a squad, ensure you have filled all the squad slots and there are no empty slots left. Click the save button to save the squad for battle. You can create and save up to 16 squads. To view an existing squad or its contents, click on it (displayed at the bottom of the squad builder). You can also remove or disassemble a squad, by pressing the delete button after selecting the squad. Note that this only deletes the squad and not the units or contents.

Artifacts or special items :

You may also obtain special equipments or artifacts later in the game, Drag these items into the squad unit slots (just like units).

From game Help

Also you can check the help and Forum in the top left of the game screen.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment, someone will help you out!
And if you have additional tips, just share it using the comments!
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