Tight Lines Fishing

  • Genre: Fishing Simulation
  • Developer: SocialSpiel
  • GD Star Rating

Tight Lines Fishing is a new Facebook game where players embark on a fun and competitive fishing adventure, build and decorate their fishing cottage and share their catch with friends around the world. Tight Lines Fishing is the second game launched by Socialspiel, after the award winning Facebook puzzle adventure, Push.

Tight Lines Fishing is a social fishing adventure taking place on Facebook, where players compete amongst each other online to catch the biggest fish. But it doesn’t stop there, they can also train their skills, customize and equip gear to catch bigger fish and explore the unique and colorful world around them. On your journey you will be challenged by quests and your fishing journal will be filled with interesting facts about the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes. Explore the game world and become a fishing legend in the online fishing community. While exploring, you will meet new friends and funny characters who have tricky quests to fulfill and lots of fisherman’s stories to tell.

At the start of the game, the player inherits a piece of land from his/her uncle, a prestigious fisherman and fearless adventurer. Marv, a cranky old guy and the oldest, dearest friend of the family agrees to become the player’s mentor and teaches him/her not only all there is to know about fishing, but also prepares the player for exciting future adventures.

With Tight Lines Fishing we’ve created new ways to connect with friends around the world and bring out the angler in all of us. In doing so, we continue our history of creating unique social games with high quality production values and appealing experiences for players and their friends to enjoy. Until today more than 1.5 Million fish have been caught”, says Socialspiel Cofounder & CEO Helmut Hutterer.

Tight Lines Fishing features a great help FAQ and tips, really slick and sharp graphics that can be enjoyed on full screen mode, and offers a nice entertainment time with great gameplay and different game styles, a very nice game for Facebook players to try!

Tips and Tricks

Tight Lines Fishing FAQ

Where do I get energy from?
You get energy by eating food like Apples, Cookies, Cake, etc.

– Trees might drop apples
– Send and request food from your friends

Additionally you can visit your neighbors to get energy.

What happens if I don’t pick up xp, coins, etc.?
Everything that drops will be added automatically if it is not picked up.

Where can I find Worms, Maggots and Sweet Corn?
– Worms hide under rocks
– Maggots live in litter patches
– Sweet Corn can be found in weed

Where can I find Flour?
– Flour drops from the bakery

Some friends do not show up when I want to send them a gift
Friends do not show up in the list if you have already sent a gift to them in the last 24 hours.

I can’t place decorations and buildings
Decorations and buildings can only be placed on building lots. These are indicated with “For Sale”-Signs and must be bought befor decorations and buildings can be placed.

How do I move things?
You can move buildings and decorations only in the build mode which can be found above the shop icon.

How can I change my avatar’s appearance?
You can change your avatar’s appearence in the clothes tab of the inventory. Access the inventory by clicking on the rucksack button on the right.

What do I get from completing a collection and how do i obtain my rewards?
Each collection has (a) different reward(s) which are shown in the journal. Click on the book icon to open your journal and change to the collections tab. Here you also can obtain your rewards by clicking “Get Rewards”. these rewards are shown on the collections page and are often needed to complete quests.

Tips and Tricks

  • Play in fullscreen mode for a better overview.
  • Construct buildings to earn extra coins.
  • Crafting lures is more efficient than buying them.
  • Ask your friends for gifts and return the favor.
  • Switch between kg and lb in the settings.
  • Switch between low and high graphics quality in the settings.
  • New clothes improve your look and increase your abilities.
  • Don’t forget to equip your newly bought gear.
  • Some quests offer special rewards.

This information can be found in the help tab of the game…

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