Top 30 – December 2011

And here is the New Top Facebook Games for December 2011, as we said last month, significant changes were made on the way Facebook counts the Monthly Active Users, and that still reflects in the December top, with almost all the games showing a decrease in the number of users.

We also have some new features, new layout (hope you enjoy it), and the ups and downs of the month showing how positions changed between games.

As to the games, CityVille keeps ruling the Top chart for the last months but showing a decrease in the number of users since last month dropping down by 5 millions, Farmville is one of the monthly winners, coming up by 2 positions to the second place and one of the games showing an increase on the number of users from 28 millions to almost 31 millions.

The Sims and Zynga Poker lost places to Farmville and are now occupying the 3rd and 4th position, followed by the Biggest winner of the month, CastleVille, that managed to get 22 million monthly users in only one month, lets see if it keeps it way all to the top!

Empires & Allies lost its place to CastleVille occupying now the 6th position, followed by another December winner, Words with Friends from Zynga is the only game from the word & Trivia genre in the Top and for the looks of it, is here to stay.

Wrapping up the top 10 games we have a new entry ( this one is on our fault, as we missed it last month, lol) Diamond Dash, followed by Mafia Wars 2 loosing 2 places ( to CastleVille and Diamond Dash) and Bubble Island steadily occupying the 10th place.

As to the rest of the Top, let me refer 3 cases, Gardens of Time seem to be loosing users lately, and Bubble Witch Saga seems to be one of the games of the moment, and gaining places in the table. As for Adventure World lets see if the recent introduction of Indiana Jones (finally) will bring a change in the downward road the game is showing.

As always give us a comment and share with your friends if you like it! See you in next month Top Facebook Games! As for the rest you can count with new games every day in the usual place!

Facebook Monthly
Active Users
1 City Building 49.300.000
2 +2 Farming 30.800.000
3 -1 Virtual World, Simulation 30.100.000
4 -1 Poker 29.500.000
5 new Role Playing, City Building 23.100.000
6 -1 strategy 18.000.000
7 +1 Word & Trivia 12.400.000
8 new Match-3, Puzzle 11.300.000
9 -2 Role Playing 10.500.000
10 bust-a-move, match-3 9.800.000
11 -2 Hidden Objects 9.600.000
12 +3 Match-3, Arcade 9.000.000
13 -7 Adventure, Role Paying 8.600.000
14 -3 Match-3 8.400.000
15 -1 Puzzle, Tetris 7.700.000
16 new Monsters, Farming 7.100.000
17 new Pets Virtual World 6.600.000
18 -6 Restaurant 6.500.000
19 -4 Role Playing 6.300.000
20 -4 Bust-a-move, Match-3 6.300.000
21 -8 Adventure, Role Playing, Farming 5.500.000
22 -3 Arcade, slot machines 5.400.000
23 -5 Games Platform 5.300.000
24 -2 Strategy, Role Playing 5.100.000
25 -5 Games Platform 4.500.000
26 new Racing, Role Playing 4.500.000
27 -6 Role Playing 4.400.000
28 -1 2D Turn based shooter, Worms like 3.641.919
29 -12 City Building 3.600.000
30 -5 Football Manager 3.300.000

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