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Football Management game on Facebook! Create and manage your football club.

Top Eleven Football Manager is a multiplayer online soccer game developed for Facebook and other social networking sites by European developer Nordeus.
It was launched in May 2010. The game was conceived in order to address a lack of social football-management games for the social media environment.

Play in League, Cup, Champions League and Friendly games against your friends.
Buy players on auctions, train them and create tactics that best fit your squad and style.
Build your stadium and facilities.
Earn cash from sponsorships, tv rights, prizes, player sales.
Enjoy the best football management game on Facebook!

The game is based on the concepts and game play found in games like Eidos Interactive’s Football Manager and Electronic Arts’ Premier Manager that have engaged millions of football fans. Top Eleven Football Manager, managed to transfer the look and feel of desktop applications to Facebook.

The goal is to create the best team possible. To start playing, you first need to select your nationality, language and create your club by naming it, choosing the colors of jerseys and designing the logo. After this, you will join one of the leagues with 14 teams playing already. The program attempts to group Facebook friends together, so they will be able to play the same league.

The best teams (first four) qualify for the Champions league, which is played the following season. The first 7 teams from the league progress to the next level, and from the next season they play the league with teams of their current level. The program again attempts to group friends together.

Each user has complete control over his team, by training them, setting tactics, changing players and buying and selling them on the transfer market. Every match can be watched live and a user can react by changing the tactics and players. Each user controls the building of their club’s infrastructure (stadium, flood-lights, pitch, medical facilities, seats, training facilities, etc.) and they have influence during the game.

For example, a bigger stadium can hold more fans, and more fans raise player moral and increase revenue from ticket sales. Club finances are very important. Users sign sponsorship agreements for every season, sell advertising board space around the field, place players on the transfer market and set ticket prices for home fixtures.

In addition to Top Eleven cash, users require tokens (Top Eleven virtual currency) which can be bought online or from mobile phones. Tokens can be used for speeding up building, for bidding on player auctions and changing club identity. Each day every user receives 1 free token.
The season that lasts 28 days, with 26 games played and two days in between seasons.

Since club finances are very important, you are signing sponsorship agreements for every season, which are able to sell boards around the field, players on transfer market, and tickets for domestic games. If the agreements expire, new deals will need to be signed. This income can then be turned around and used to buy either more players or to build up facilities for a player’s stadium.

More fans mean more income from tickets. Facilities take days to build and can only be built one at a time. To win a match, many excellent players are needed in the game. You can acquire them for the market or bring them up by yourself, which is required the training facilities and some time. With the growth of your team, your players are growing as well.

Top Eleven has many management features and some very nice live elements, but for a new player there is no way of knowing what should be done first and when.

Tips and Tricks

Top Eleven Game Tips

Changing the tactics

Setting your team tactics is easy. Go to Squad screen and set your preferred tactics by dragging the players to desired positions. You can choose some of numerous predefined tactics or save your own.

Training your players

You can set custom training for every player individualy. Training options are: Defense, Attack, Physical&Mental and General. Simply go to Training Screen, select the player that you want and set the type of training.

How to see your player form in last 5 games?

Here is the tip how you can check the form of your players in last 5 games.

* Go to Squad screen
* In upper right corner, from drop down menu select: Selection View
* Now check the column named Form, that is what you need. Each number represents the form of selected player, for each of last five games.

Train your players!

* Go to Training Screen
* Click on the player you want to set training for
* On the right side of the screen choose the type of the training (Defensive, Attacking, Physical&Mental or General)
* When you chose type of the training, don’t forget to press SAVE.
* You can also choose Auto-assign option, which will automatically set trainings for all your players.

Auto-subs, penalty, corner, free-kick takers and captain orders

Here is a little tip how to set auto substitutions, and some other settings if your are not present during the game. This setting can help your team to react in case somebody is injured or gets red card.

* Go to Squad Screen
* On the right side of the screen you will see 6 tabs (Tactsics, Auto-subs, Penalty taker’s order, Free-kick taker’s order, Corner-kick taker’s order and Captains order)
* Click on one of them
* Now drag one of your players from left side of the screen to the right side on desired position
* SAVE your settings

Join the match in progress

Here is the tip how to join the match which is currently played and react if it is necessary by changing tactics, replacing players…
# If the match already started on the top of your screen, between logos of both teams you can see ling “Join Match”.
# Click on it. You are there. You can see what is going on. LIVE.
# To change tactics, in down-right corner of your screen you can see blue button “GIVE ORDERS”.
# Click there and set everything you need.
# Don’t forget to SAVE.

Make cash every day by signing sponsor boards

One of the ways to make cash in Top Eleven is to sign sponsorship deals for the boards arround your stadium. Here is how you can do it.

* Go to Finances Screen
* Click on Boards tab
* On the left you can see what boards are empty, and on the right offers (amount, how many boards it takes, and how long it lasts). Click left on board with empty space, then click right on one offer, click SIGN.
* Repeat this until you fill all the boards.
* Come back every day and check if some of your boards are empty

Live Auctions – bidding on players

In Top Eleven, you can bid on players in live auctions. Here it is how you can do it.

* Go to Transfers Screen
* Search for a player you want to buy (age, position, nationality, value, …)
* Click on it
* See remaining time, and place your bid on the right. (Each bid will cost you 1 token, so try to bid couple minutes before auction ends)
* Player will be added to your shortlist. If your bid is currently the highest, little clock on the right will be green, and you will see yourself as last bidder. If you place your bid in last 30 seconds, another 30 seconds will be added, so other people will have chance place bids. If nobody offers more in this 30 seconds, you will get the message that you won, and player will be added to your squad.

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