Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: PLARIUM
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Build mighty empires and form powerful armies! Become allies with your friends and defeat enemies together! Find lost artifacts and survive in nuclear Wastelands! The World is waiting for your domination – Total Domination!

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy is a new Facebook Strategy Game, the game is set in a post apocalyptic scenario, and you are in charge of a military Base and have to make your way until you defeat all your enemies.

The game offers some of the better graphics I have seen in this genre of games, the full narration of the game tasks is great and leaves your with the feeling of really being inside the game.

The full screen mode allows for a deeper game experience as usual, although in Total Domination is almost mandatory, because in normal screen the game crops part of the game screen.

Total domination features a detailed and entertaining tutorial, mainly because of the voice-over narration, providing all the game basic gameplay knowledge.

As for features, you can count on almost everything, lots of building, units types, detailed interaction in every game aspect, possibility to trade resources and research modules, upgrades, etc.

The only thing missing is the usual chat option, already standard in other similar games. The game help is really detailed and features a very well structured manual accessible from the game screen, from resources to player interaction, you are sure to find what you are looking for in there.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy is a great strategy game, deep, detailed, and demanding. Funny as it is, one of the best things of the game can also be its handicap, as I already said with other strategy games, this is a great game for strategy dedicated players, but maybe to complicated for casual Facebook players.

Tips and Tricks

Total Domination Resources and money guide

Total Domination tech and defense upgrades


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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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