Totally Spies! Fashion Agents

  • Genre: Dress-up, Adventure, Role Playing
  • Developer: OUAT Entertainment
  • GD Star Rating

The game Totally Spies! Fashion Agents is inspired by the television series Totally Spies! You’re a student at Mali-U University, and the undercover organization WOOHP has recruited you as a student spy.

Totally Spies! Fashion Agents is actually a mix of several game genres, its is dress up as you can fully customize your character, you also have your own house to decorate, you can buy all kinds of stuff, from furniture to utility items like energy, or stuff to your garden, you can also adopt pets and even buy a new houses or change the look of yours.

The game is also adventure as you embark in several missions, where you have to save the world, basically by defeating the bad guys and looking for key which will open locked parts of the game area. This missions will get you money and experience to level up, and unlocking new items and missions.

Through training, you’ll perfect your technique in order to accomplish missions and save the world. Through the experience points that you win, you’ll rise up through the levels and reach the highest ranking in “Fashion Agents”.

For more fun, recruit your team of ultimate spies for group missions and win more points. When you return from a mission, you can expand your wardrobe, decorate your apartment, take care of your pets, and see your friends, including Sam, Alex and Clover, the Totally Spies!

While at home you can use several items to recover energy or get more money, like relaxing in the garden which will give 1 energy point, or having a nice warm bath that will restore 4 energy every 24 hours.

Totally Spies! Fashion Agents is a very nice option for fashion and dress-up fans, who are looking for a more varied gameplay experience. The downside has to be said, is the energy system which is always to scarce unfortunately.

Tips and Tricks

My spy

In the game, you are portrayed in two ways: a stationary avatar and an animated avatar. With your stationary avatar: dress yourself however you wish and match your mood to suit your personality. Your animated avatar automatically takes on the colors of your stationary avatar. You can move around the different places suggested by the game by clicking on an object or on the ground.. The animated avatar can do the dishes, water the plants, take care of your pet, etc. She can also train with the best WOOHP professors and save the world through thrilling and dangerous missions.

My house

In your house, you can do different tasks that will allow you to make money or get energy. Decorate your house in a way that uniquely expresses your tastes.

The tasks

You will need to carry out chores to maintain your house and to keep it as clean as possible. There are two kinds of tasks: the ones giving money for one energy point, and the ones giving energy. Each task is linked to an object, plant or pet and need to be done on regular basis.


You can train for missions at any time. Training takes energy but allows you to gain experience and Spy-Coins. As you ascend to higher levels, new training sessions will be available for you.


The missions allow you to gain experience and Spy-Coins, and sometimes rare objects. Be careful not to let your energy level drop down to zero, otherwise you’ll quit the mission. Each mission has its own goal, explained at the beginning of the mission; usually, successive missions are linked to the same scenario. You have the option to quit & save your mission to finish it later, but it’s better to accomplish it sooner than later if you want to move on to other missions. A piece of advice: read well the missions instructions, you’ll have precious indications, and you’ll know if a secret item is hidden in the mission! You can read again the instructions by clicking the blue circular “i” button, on the right of the screen.


Objectives will guide you through the game. By clicking the yellow badge on the left of the screen, you’ll see the current objective. Fulfilling an objective will give you bonuses and will unlock the newt objective. Sometimes, you’ll have the opportunity to skip parts of an objective by paying WOOHP-Cash or Spy-Coins.

My team

Depending on your progress, you can recruit a spy team of up to three people. Your team members will join you on missions to increase your chances of success.

Visit your friends

Invite all of your friends to share the Totally Spies! Fashion Agents experience. Visit their houses daily to gain Spy-Coins. All your Facebook friends that have installed the game are in your friend bar. Click on their icons to visit them.


With WOOHP-Cash, you can buy exclusive objects and bonuses. Because it is rare to win them in the game, you can buy WOOHP-Cash by clicking on the tab “Add Spy-Coins & WOOHP-Cash” or by clicking the “+” on the Spy-Coins and WOOHP-Cash bars. You can also click the “win WOOHP-Cash” tab and choose a promotional offer. To be sure to get your WOOHP-Cash, check that you have properly fulfilled all the requirements of the offer.

The Groove shop

This shop contains most of the objects that you can buy. Some of them will help you to advance in the game while others will enable you to make your avatar and house unique. Create your universe with the Groove.


You will meet and charm them in Mali-U. Once under your charm, you’ll find all of your Boyfriends in the avatar customizing section. Each Boyfriends will increase the size of your energy bar.


You gain experience through missions and training. When you reach certain stages of experience, you move up a level and gain one more maximum energy point.

Promo codes

At the occasion of game fairs, promotional events, newsletter sendings, and so on, codes are given, that allow to gain Spy-Coins, WOOHP-Cash or rare objects in the game. If you have such a code, click on the blue giftbox on the left of the game screen, and enter it. And don’t hesistate to make your friends benefit from the codes you have!


Mute Sounds: Turn on/off sound.
Mute Music: Turn on/off music.
Toggle Graphics Quality: Reduce image quality to improve performance, or turn it back to high quality.

This above info is available by pressing Help in the top right corner above the game screen.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment, someone will help you out!
And if you have additional tips, just share it using the comments!
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