Toyz & Zombies

  • Genre: Adventure, Role Playing, Zombies
  • Developer: Paprika Lab
  • GD Star Rating

Toyz & Zombies is a new Facebook game from Paprika Labs, and lets you you play one of 4 different characters that are able to control toys with their minds, where you can use your powers to control the Toys and defeat the Zombies that are invading HappyVille!

In Toyz & Zombies you have to help the remaining survivors that need help. By controlling awesome toys to fight the zombies and lead everyone to safety

Toyz & Zombiesis divided into several stages, with several objectives, the game mixes strategic turn based combat, where you have to move your characters and toys and defeat the several zombie that you may find in your way, and role playing mechanics and features.

Your character and your toys will get experience along the game, and skill points to distribute in several attributes, like attack, health or defense. There are also usable items for you to use that will unlock as you progress in the game, like new toys with different skills and stats.

You will also acquire several interesting gadgets to wear or use, like the defibrillator to regenerate toys or the toolbox to operate gadgets.

Toys & Zombies features great graphics and entertaining stage connecting dialogs introducing each stage and game evolution as well as a nice back story.

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Toyz & Zombies, 2.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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