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Prepare your cannons and get ready to set sail! Build an awe-inspiring fleet of battle ships, defeat menacing pirates, and amass your fortune as a trader in Tradewinds. Do you have what it takes to be the most powerful merchant in the Caribbean? Explore uncharted islands, complete daring and hilarious side quests, and build your home island into a tropical paradise that would be every merchant’s dream. Grow your crew, collect experience and share your wealth with your friends! The high seas await today in Tradewinds on Facebook!

Tradewinds is something between an adventure game and a economic trading game, set in a Caribbean environment, of Pirates, Governors and treasure hunting swashbucklers.

Tradewinds combines several different game elements and dynamics, this results in an interesting and varied gameplay. You can trade merchandise between ports, explore desert island on treasure seeking adventures, and in between you even have to deal with Pirates that cut you off on your journey.

You also have to take care of your lair, as every Pirate worth is name needs one, this is were you have your stuff, your Hut (home) and several other buildings, like a shipyard, warehouse or docks. You can also play around with lots of decorations to lighten up your own Island.

The gameplay is standard, you start the game with some tutorial tasks, so you can get used to the different options in the game, you have to deliver shipments of goods from one place to another, the question here is to know what goods are wanted where, this is the way to make money, but demand also comes with limits of quantity over time, this means that is not enough to trade form one island to another, and you have to widen your area of “work” in order to follow the moods.

As you travel from  place to place you may encounter pirates, this takes you to the battle scene, where you have to fire your cannons to the enemy, each fight will damage your boat, and you need to keep an eye on it, and make some repairs from time to time.

As a Pirate game, Tradewinds could not be without some treasure hunting, this makes up for a different scene again, this one takes you to travel to a desert island and have to do some clicking around to find the necessary map parts, that, when put together reveal the location of the treasure, allowing you to dig for the it.

Socially speaking, you only feel the need for friends when you eventually need help to do some treasure hunting, as most of the time you will be trading around and fighting some pirates on your own.

The energy system is balanced, but just tight, in the first levels the energy is just enough to get you to level up, where you get your energy refilled, not allowing for much sideways exploration.

Generally speaking, Tradewinds has pretty nice graphics and artwork, varied gameplay and uses a nice theme with some amusement and funny situations and characters. If you like to do some adventuring and like pirate themed games you should check it out.

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