Train City

  • Genre: Trains and City Building
  • Developer: LIFO Interactive Inc.
  • Monthly Users: 200
  • GD Star Rating

Train City takes you to the fabulous world of trains, cities, and more!! Start your very own collection now!

LIFO Interactive is a social game developer based in Seoul, South Korea. Train City is LIFO Interactive’s first game for Facebook. For more information, visit

Train City is a Facebook train simulation game. Build a city around your trains and decorate it. Collect money from buildings as you build your city. Hire train operators in your city and upgrade your trains.

Train City takes the basics of Facebook city building games and comes up with a train simulation game. You can build homes, businesses, and decorations around your train station and railroad tracks. At your train station conductors can be hired which will earn you money for your growing city.

You make money from your business structures and collected once it is ready. The game features various decorations for your city as well as different trains and railroad stations. Quests can be performed to help you build up your city and learn how to play the game.

Train city is both a train simulation game and city building game. You have houses, apartments, business structures, factories, and a wide assortment of decoration for your growing city.

For social features, you can visit your friend cities as a “Tourist,” allowing you to choose from earning either bonus happiness for the citizens of your town, or bonus population for your town. The opposite of your choice is what your friend will receive in return. You can also send your friends free gifts, like new businesses, homes, and decorative items.

Train city features numerous different trains which can be purchased from the trains tab in the game. To get trains to move simply click the stop sign at he top of the screen and select a conductor.

The game features collections which will grant you rewards once they are completed. Collection items can be found when you harvest coins from business structures. Some rewards in Train City include, coins, population increase, and even structures such as a liquor store. Achievements grant you trophies for completing tasks such as building a number of houses or having a number of decorative items.

Train City is a nice looking Facebook game with lots of color and is a nice change from the traditional Facebook city builder.

Tips and Tricks

Train City Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I build more houses? If your population is greater than your happiness, you cannot build more houses or apartments.


Where do I make Bricks? Click the factory and select the “Make” button under the material that you wish to produce.
Why can’t I build this building? Buildings require either coins and materials or Tcash. Some buildings don’t require materials and the only requirement for that building are coins.
How do I level up? Leveling up requires the player to collect XP points. These points are earned by collecting coins from commercial buildings, operating trains, building buildings, completing quests, and taking jobs at your friend’s cities.
Why can’t I build more stations? You can only have 1 station per 7 levels. For example, players that are levels 1-6 can only have 1 station, but players that are levels 7-13 can have 2 stations.


How do I upgrade my station? At this time stations cannot be upgraded. The way to get better stations is to first sell your existing station and buying a better station. Please make sure that you have enough coins or Tcash to by the new station.
Why can’t I build more factories? The number of factories available to build is dependent on your population. The more people that live in your city, the more factories you can build.
I need more space! What do I do? You can choose to expand your city’s territory. Click the expand tab under the build menu. You need a great amount of coins or some Tcash to expand.
Why can’t I build a road, rail or river here? At the end of a road, a parking area will be built. Over this parking area, a train rail or river cannot be built. Likewise train rails cannot be built over rivers, but rivers can be built under rails. The order that you build them is important.
I don’t have any coins! Help! You can get coins by clicking your commercial buildings when the cooldown is finished. You can also hire Jack, who is a volunteer. He works for free and his ticket collection is very fast.


I want to buy more credits! Click on the button titled “get info” next to the balance of your credits.A dialog box will pop up explaining purpose of facebook credits. Click the “get credits” button.

Follow the directions and complete the transaction to get more credits!


How do I delete/ sell a building? In the lower left corner above the toolbar, there is an arrow button called the NORMAL tool.After clicking this button you can click the sell tool.


How do I collect coins from train operation? You must wait until the train operation cooldown is finished.Once the time is finished, you have an equal amount of time as your train operation to collect your coins.


Train City Features



Residential Residential Buildings are houses, apartments and condominiums. Residential buildings help the population of your city grow by creating places for your citizens to live. The medium to high end residential buildings cost coins and materials to build.
Commercial Commercial buildings are businesses that provide taxes after a certain amount of time. You can click the buildings or the coin icon after the cooldown is finished to collect the taxes.Like residential buildings, medium to high end buildings require materials.
Public Buildings Public buildings provide happiness as well as collection and population bonuses. Mouse over the building you want to build in the public buildings tab under the build menu to see what bonuses that building provides. The more public buildings you have the higher your bonuses. Like Commercial and Residential buildings, medium to high end buildings require materials for construction.


Decorations Decorations provide happiness to your citizens. Build more decorations to allow your population to increase. Decorations on cost coins or Tcash.
Factories Factories are the way to produce the materials that are required by medium to high end residential, commercial and public buildings. Currently, you can only create one material unit at one time in a factory.

Happiness vs. Population

Happiness Happiness is obtained by building public buildings as well as decorations. The happiness of your citizens must be higher than your population in order to build more residential buildings. You can also increase the value of your decorations by building public buildings that give a happiness bonus.

Trains and Train Operation

Trains There are many trains available in the train menu at the bottom of the screen. More trains become available as you level up and increase the amount of coins you have. Different trains affect the amount of coins you receive per train operation.
Train Operation Click the “Start” button to be taken to the dialog box where you can pick the train operator that will run your train. For example, you can pick Jack the Volunteer, or Ali the Alien. Jack’s runtime is for 3 minutes and he is free to hire while Ali’s runtime is 12 hours and she costs 2,500 coins to hire. After the train operation is finished you can collect your coins. Make sure you collect them in time or it will expire!


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