Treasure Madness

  • Genre: Puzzle, Mini-games
  • Developer: zSlide
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Treasure Madness is a Facebook game made by zSlide, a social video games developer and publisher. You will pick up the role of treasure hunter in this game by visiting different islands and digging up treasure with a shovel, you will earn gold.

Join Treasure Madness now for a lasting adventure! You’ll get more free energy than on any other treasure hunting game. And besides gorgeous islands and awesome artifacts, we have puzzling mini-games to make your journey even more exciting!

Treasure Madness offers up an interesting mix of map exploration and mini-games. As the name suggests this game is all about accumulating treasure, and like any good treasure you’re going to need to dig for it.

The mini-games consist of quick 15-second rip-offs of games like Tetris, Memory, Bejeweled and Pachinko.

Successfully completing a mini-game will award you with the artifact that was buried with it.

Treasure Madness social element allows you to gift any of the artifacts that you’ve uncovered to help your friends complete their collections.

Treasure Madness stands out as a strikingly original game, especially in light of the fact that Facebook is often considered a platform for copycat game design.

Tips and Tricks

Treasure Madness strategy guide and tips

The best strategy in Treasure Madness requires careful selection of which map to play. From the Maps tab, a variety can be chosen, and you can switch maps at any time. Play maps that have more treasure and gold, and try to avoid anything described less than average. Check back often for new maps you’ve unlocked by leveling.

When first starting Treasure Madness, you will only be able to select tiles which are grassy or sandy. Rocks, trees, underwater ruins, and swampland will be unlocked as you level. Don’t worry about leaving a map unfinished if you don’t have the gear you need yet. Just play the squares you can and come back to a map later if need be.

Try to only eat the food items you win if you are NOT close to leveling up. When you level up, your health is refilled automatically. You should try to have the minimum amount of health or close to it when you level up.

Check your Home screen frequently to see if any of your friends who may be playing the game have sent you Health Kits. It’s important to use Health Kits when you can, because you can only gifted Health Kits once a day.

As you explore, you will find Treasures. Check this screen frequently to see if you can Vault any Collections. This earns you a Museum Dollar.

When you’ve just reached a new level and have burned through your health is the best time to use a Health Kit, either one from your friends, or one that you’ve purchased with Museum Dollars

Every 9 Museum Dollars will buy a health kit, and these are more powerful (20% more health), so be sure to use them! Don’t stockpile Museum Dollars!

Collection objects can be sent between friends. So, keep your wish list up to date! You never know who will start playing and come across something you need.

When your health is full, you can quickly search a large number of squares. If you’re low on health, consider waiting a while before coming back to the game. This helps you stockpile health items, and also prevents spending too much time on the game.

Treasure Madness Cheats

Faster Set Acquisition

You Can Earn Sets Faster The treasures you can find come in treasure sets. The good thing about treasures is that they can be traded between friends This means that if you wanted to earn a complete set quickly, you could use multiple accounts to send your treasure set items to your main account. Just add the items that you would wish to send to your recipient account’s “wish list”. When you log into your extra accounts, find your Team. You should see your primary account in there and which items it wants or has. Then send away!

You Can Have Double the Energy In this game, you can send Health kits to your friends. When used these health kits completely refill your energy to full. You can only use one every 24 hours but if you keep sending your main account health kits you will never run out and it will essentially double your energy.

Do Some Self Gifting If you have multiple Treasure Madness accounts, you will be able to send yourself free gifts! Although the rewards aren’t high you should still take advantage of this!

Master the Puzzles!

For each treasure puzzle that you master, you unlock additional puzzle types to play. As you level up in Treasure Madness and unlock more puzzles, they will get harder (and more fun!).

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Treasure Madness Squarenigma minigame

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