• Genre: Word & Trivia
  • Developer: Gamehouse
  • Monthly Users: 2
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Trivia Town is a new Facebook game, from the genre of who wants to be a millionaire or Jeopardy, a word trivia game.

Users select one of 10 trivia categories and then have three minutes to answer as many questions as possible. Users who amass at least 100 points during the initial three minutes go on to a bonus round, where answering five questions correctly in 30 seconds is worth 500 points.

During the initial three minutes, players can get extra time by answering lots of questions correctly in an row. Players can also use power-ups to make questions easier to answer, to skip more dificult questions, or to gather points more quickly.

The usual failing of trivia games is questions that repeat too quickly, but TriviaTown passes this with merit. The game has a wide selection of questions across all 10 categories and in the event a question does repeat, you can’t score from answering it correctly.

The cost of this variety of questions in TriviaTown, though, is that the game’s questions aren’t particularly good.

The trivia categories are a little arbitrary. You might expect the Movies & Television category to contain questions about who played what famous roles, but instead those questions tend to show up in other categories.

TriviaTown  features power-ups but the need to answer quickly means that most of the times you don’t have time to figure what power-up to use, and you end up using none.

Test your trivia knowledge with 130,000+ questions in over 600 unique Topics.

-Enjoy playing Episodes from 10 different Categories
-Challenge your Friends and win BIG POINTS
-Earn over 300 Badges & Collect over 600 Prizes for valuable rewards

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