TV Studio Boss

  • Genre: Management
  • Developer: Pyro Studios
  • GD Star Rating

TV Studio Boss is a new Facebook game where you can have and manage your own TV Studio by iZ Social. TV Studio Boss will let you buy and personalize your own theme sets (news, cookery, documentaries…) and create and broadcast TV programs on them. Managing your broadcast grid efficiently will be of key importance to make your studio grow from a small local channel to a great multinational studio.

As the owner of the studio you will have to take many decisions, such as which programs should be recorded, when they should be broadcast (bearing in mind that audiences vary according to time frames) and which ads fit best in each program. Each decision you make will have an influence on your channel’s income and progress.

Get ready to take control of your channel and take it to the top!

TV Studio Boss Tips & Tricks for Starters

  • Each program suits better a certain time frame. Be intuitive and check the results to improve your performance.
  • Improving the quality of your set by buying decorative items will have direct influence on the profits obtainedby each program you record on it.
  • If you record a program and wait for too long to place it on the grid it will lose “novelty” and its broadcasting  profits will decrease.
  • Improving functional items will unlock new and better programs to record.

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