• Genre: Collectible card game
  • Developer: Synapse Games, Incorporated
  • Monthly Users: 4500
  • GD Star Rating

War Metal: Tyrant is a new online collectible card game available on Facebook.

Fight with the Imperial forces against the brutal Raiders, the vicious Bloodthirsty, and the mysterious Xeno. Collect powerful cards and build a deck to defeat other players and climb to the top of the Arena!

War Metal Tyrant is a futuristic Collectible Card Game (CCG) with strategic battles. You collect cards that can be used to improve you deck and play against other players.

The game feature a great story with lots of missions.  You can also join other to form Factions to play with or against.  New cards, missions, and other features are constantly added to the game.

If you are familiar with Magic: The Gathering, you’ll be ready to play right away. If you are not familiar with Collectible Card Games this is your chance to start.

You start with a deck of ten cards, and play with three  random of those cards “in your hand” and youcan use one per turn.

War Metal Tyrant visuals are great and the game plays ver smoothly, even if you aren’t a fan of CCG, you should give it a try.

Tips and Tricks

Starting Guide

You start the game by choosing one of two factions.

Then prompted to do the tutorial, you should as it covers the basics of the game.

Also check the Wiki: http://warmetal.wikia.com/wiki/War_Metal_Wiki

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