• Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Developer: N/A
  • Monthly Users: 500000
  • GD Star Rating

UberStrike, developed by CMUNE, is the world’s first browser-based multiplayer first person shooter (MMOFPS). UberStrike is cross-platform, available for both Mac and PC, on Facebook, MySpace, as an Apple Widget, on Cmune’s own portal and as a standalone game.

UberStrike players are from all around the world and have access to an extensive network of dedicated servers maintained as a free service to the community by Cmune. UberStrike is the first and largest first person shooter built using the Unity 3D game engine. This represents the first time that users have access to a console quality game in their browser without a large download, anywhere in the world, for free.

UberStrike is great, great graphics, details, landscapes, great playability.. if you are into First Person Shooter Games.

When the developers say, that “users have access to a console quality game in their browser without a large Download” (except for the 3d Unity Engine, that you only need to install once and is used by many Facebook games, like N.O.V.A. Elite, one of the competitors or Buddy Rush), they are telling the truth! When playing in full screen mode you completely forget this is a browser based game, and free on Facebook.

You start by choosing and customizing your avatar, then you are taken to the initial screen, you have 3 options, Play, Guns and Stuff and Training, off course you also have the complete menu on the top of the screen.

You have, at start, lots of options, most of them are just to see what you can access later, because you don’t have money (points – the in game currency) or experience and friends to really use them, but you can take a look around to see all the options and stuff the game has available.

UberStrike features enormous quantity of weapons available, lots of gear, quick items and clan licenses. Lots and detailed stats about your game performance and history, from the most damage you have dealt and received, to stuff like most used weapon or most picked up ammo or health. Off course the number of Kills and XP are also there.

You get experience by playing and as you level up you get access to new Stuff, you can create your own clan when you reach level 4 and have at least one friend.

UberStrike features single player training mode, which is great for dedicated player to train themselves and get to know all the corners of the available maps. The maps are diversified and very different, from the surrounding environment to tactical options.

You can start by training or you can jump right into action as you first enter the game, just choose on of the available games for new users, and you’ll be up against others like you, the games are played in teams, which means you just choose one side, and have to shoot everything that moves from the opposite party. The game help is very self explanatory, so you just have to look at controls, the basic WASD, space and mouse to wonder around and get used to the game. Shop, gear and other game features are also explained.

Socially, you can invite your friends into the game, chat in the “communicator” which features a lobby open to everybody or use the private chat.

The game features two stores, the normal one with regular items and level restrictions, and the Underground, where there are no level restrictions and that features special items, but costs real payed credits.

Finally, UberStrike is worth checking out even if you don’t like FPS games, just to see at what level browser games have reached technically (try it in Full screen mode!), for those who like to play the genre it is mandatory!

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