UNO Boost

  • Genre: Cards, UNO
  • Developer: GameHouse
  • GD Star Rating

UNO Boost is a Facebook game about the well known card game UNO. The game features some extra features when compared to the original, this changes provide more gameplay options and a more varied strategy.

It’s all the classic fun you love about UNO in a single-player experience! Enjoy faster-than-ever play action. Turn the tables on your opponent with Boost Cards. Earn coins and level up as you face tougher and tougher opponents. Level up, go for a single game high score, or try for the win streak as you compete against your friends in weekly and all-time leader boards.

UNO Boost uses an opposite approach to the game multiplayer base, this might seem wrong but actually works pretty well.

UNO is originally a game to be played by at least two people, which would require some kind of matching of the different players, some waiting involved, and in the case of more players even extra waiting. Bearing this in mind, GameHouse opted for a different strategy, you still have all the social options like sending gifts, comparing scores, ranking, High Scores and even Tournaments.

But the core gameplay is centered in single player action against the game characters, this has some advantages, you can play whenever you want, without having to wait for anyone, you can play for as long as you want, either a fast couple of minutes or more time depending on the mood and objectives.

UNO Boost is organized by levels, you start with an easy opponent,and you unlock harder ones as you gain levels and experience. The boost cards offer a new dimension to the game, they are mainly used as a last resort, but can have a more strategic role if you plan ahead.

The game is fast paced, with nice graphics and overall appearance. Another good addition to our Card games section.


Tips and Tricks

 How to Play UNO Boost Tutorial

This tutorial can be accessed by hitting the help button in the game.

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