Urban Warfare

  • Genre: Strategy, City Building
  • Developer: Blue Shell Games
  • GD Star Rating

Build a modern city and raise a massive army to destroy your enemies in Urban Warfare! Will your city triumph?

Urban Warfare is strategy and city building game, in the genre of Empires & Allies, it features a more serious look, but with nice designed graphics units and buildings, unfortunately it doesn’t have a full screen feature which really is a down side.

You have to build several types of buildings, resource producers, housing, unit producing building and also research and defense structures in your city. You also battle other players, in head to head, the game has lots of variety on buildings and unit types, like in Empires & Allies, you also have land, air and sea unit types, each with different attributes and specialization.

Urban Warfare Technologies allow you to upgrade your Units abilities, collect more Items and Resources, and boost abilities. Collect the Research Resources shown for the Tech you wish to research or purchase the Tech with Reward Points and then click Research to begin Researching.

You can collect Research Resources by:

  • Harvesting Coin, Steel, and Military Buildings
  • Winning them as Battle Drops during combat
  • Requesting them from friends
  • Purchasing them through the Store

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