Vampire Wars

  • Genre: Terror Role Playing
  • Developer: Zynga
  • GD Star Rating

Vampire Wars is a horror role playing game available on Facebook, published by Zynga. Drink the blood of the innocent and tear your enemies limb from limb in Vampire Wars!

With a fully customizable avatar, collectible trophies, tons of missions, visceral combat, and a host of superhuman abilities Vampire Wars is the most full-featured, rich, and engaging social horror game on Facebook!

The hottest horror game on Facebook!

  • DESTROY! > Learn devastating supernatural abilities to tear your foes limb from limb!
  • CONQUER! > Carry out dark missions on your quest for blood and strength!
  • UNITE! > Create a clan with your friends to conquer and rule the vampire realm!
  • CONNECT! > Grow your clan! Join The Official Vampire Wars Forums for tips, tricks, and info from our most experienced players.

Vampire Wars is a horror-themed game. Please note that although there are measures in place to remove inappropriate content, some content may not be suitable for all audiences. References to horror and violence appear throughout the game. Parental discretion is advised.

 Vampire Wars Guide and Tips

  • Complete missions and acquire minions – In the beginning you should focus on completing missions to gain basic Vampire Wars abilities and earn blood. You’ll use that blood income to obtain minions that can help you gather more blood.
  • Bank your blood – Stockpile your blood by depositing it into the blood bank. If you don’t, you may lose it during combat.
  • Give to your clan – Helping other VW clan members can ensure they too are strong and return the favor when you need it.
  • Protect and serve your clan – When cries for help are heard, join the fight to protect your fellow VW clan members.
  • Skip the bragging – Constantly posting your accomplishments and gift giving is quite annoying to many Vampire Wars players. See our Facebook Guide to learn how to change the permissions to prevent auto posting to your profile’s feed from Vampire Wars and other Facebook games. The guide also contains information on how to adjust your Facebook profile’s privacy settings and other helpful Facebook tips.
  • How to handle bullies – If you’re repeatedly attacked over and over again (i.e. bullied) by the same bloodsuckers you might be tempted to post them on the vampire hitlist. That usually doesn’t provide much of a deterrent and frequently causes more harm than good as it motivates the attackers to continue their bullying. The best strategy to defend against bullying is to ask the bullies if you can join their vampire clan. While it initially may not make sense to do this, it will bring an end to the bullying since Vampire Wars will not allow members of the same clan to fight each other.
  • Raise your attack and defense – Attack and defensive points for Vampire Wars should scale based on the level you are playing. Many Vampire Wars players like to have their attack and defense point twice that of the level at which they are playing. For example, if you’re currently playing on VW level 4, you’d want your defense and attack points to be at eight each.
  • Get a better browser – Internet Explorer is the most popular browser used but it’s often the slowest. Download and install Opera or Google Chrome so you don’t have to experience the pains of slow page loads while you play Vampire Wars.
  • Become a fan of Vampire Wars – You need to get “pimped” by the numerous fan pages and groups for Vampire Wars to instantly add about 200+ vampires to your clan. After joining the fan page or group you can easily add the members one by one and post your profile link there so they can add you in return.
  • Contribute your knowledge – If you have any Vampire Wars tips or strategies, send them to me and I’ll add them to the official Vampire Wars list. If your Vampire Wars tip is included in the list, we’ll give you credit by adding a link to your name next to the tip to help you grow your Vampire Wars clan!
  • Befriend the right way – When you invite other Facebook users to join your clan and befriend them, make sure you include the message “Vampire Wars” so they know what the Facebook add request is for.

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