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Roll them dice! Make it big as a casino magnate of your very own Las Vegas strip. Watch the neon signs light up with your name as you build your entertainment capital of the world by creating luxurious hotels casinos, golf resorts and more. You run the show in Vegas City, where fun and fortune await.

Vegas City is a simulation Sim City style game for Facebook, where you build, expand and control your city, build casions, Hotels, attractions and decorations in this tycoon game.


• Hit the jackpot as you build your own Las Vegas strip
• Build up to 16 hotel casinos, including Golf Resorts, Royal Casinos, Tropical Deluxe and more to create your entertainment capital of the world
• Reserve your rooms for tourists, gamblers, honeymooners, rock stars and more. The bigger the guest, the higher the returns.
• Add animated fountains, lit up palm trees, and other decorations to make your customers pay more for their stay.
• Complete missions to earn your income and get hours of fun entertainment
• Visit your friends and help them with their entertainment empire or become business partners to earn more


There are two major currencies that you need to pay attention to when working on growing your empire’s net worth.

Dollars are needed more often to construct your buildings, decorations and attractions. You can earn more by fulfilling goals from your advisor, collecting income from your hotels and commerce buildings.

Special items need currency that is unique to running a Vegas city. Synonymous to gambling, Chips are worth more than dollars and can be bought by real money. You can also be rewarded by fulfilling special goals. This can be used to buy special items and help in expanding your city faster with instant builds.

There are different types of buildings you can place in your city. Hotels, for one, would house your guests when they visit. From the simple hostel to casinos and resorts, each building will be able to book guests. Choosing the most profitable is always recommended with these buildings.

Commerce buildings will give you passive income as long as it is near your hotels. Just pick one that can be surrounded as many hotels as possible. The more expensive buildings will always give you more money per guest. Collecting from them will give you money every 3 minutes.

Decorations enhance your city visuals and increase the income percentage of hotels near it.

To generate income in your hotels you need to book a reservation to different clients.

Hotels that have a blinking cash icon means you need to collect your income from your guests. Click on each hotel that is ready and this will give way to new guests.

Remember to collect in time or your guests will leave your hotel without paying.

To guide you in the game, be sure to accomplish the missions that your advisor has set. Every time you level up, you’ll get a few goals to fulfill which will help you earn more money and experience.

There are special goals that will reward you chips so we suggest you do those. Each chip is worth $60,000 and that will increase your overall net worth.

To move your buildings, click on the first icon that looks like a suitcase and a graph. This is the same icon where you’ll find your travel agent and collector when you need to hire them.

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