Vida Rock 2

  • Genre: Music, Role Playing
  • Developer: Colorcube Games
  • Monthly Users: 2500
  • GD Star Rating

Vida Rock 2 is a new Facebook game, where you create you character, start a band with your friends and follow the path to success! Your goal is to bee the next Rock Star!

Vida Rock 2 is both a role playing game and a music management game, you start by choosing your instrument of election, you have to practice, visit your agent to get performances, and slowly increase your status in the music world.

You also have a room to decorate, and friends to visit, there is a lot of options in the game, the graphics are really nice and the soundtrack appropriate, although it can be a little fast paced to listen after some time.

Others things you can, and should do in Vida Rock 2, involve making your own songs, which you will then use in your shows, you can customize your character, buy clothes, and stuff to decorate your room, you can go shopping with lots of different shops and things to buy, but it seems all too expensive 🙂

As for the gameplay it involves several different items you need to balance, money, cubes (the paid special currency), charisma (that you get by practicing with friends), music skill, energy and experience…

Vida Rock 2 is a really nice game for music fans and offers lots of options, nice gameplay and entertainment for most Facebook game fans!

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Vida Rock 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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