War of Legends

  • Genre: strategy
  • Developer: Jagex
  • Monthly Users: 400
  • GD Star Rating

War of Legends is a free, browser-based strategy game that you can play using your Facebook account, set in a world of ancient Chinese mythology. Choose your ruler, build a mighty city and dominate the lands around you. Wisdom is vital to your success, as you manage resources, train armies and research mystical skills.

War of Legends is really easy to start, all you have to do is use your Facebook account to play, use your account to create a New Player, after which you have to choose your city location, followed by your avatar, here you can choose your gender and character class (Monk, Seer or Warrior) each one with its particular attributes.

War of Legends is a strategy game, this means you have to manage your resources wisely, you have to build up your city, by placing several types of structures, your empire has 3 main areas to manage, the city where you construct all your buildings; the outskirts, which is used for buildings that will increase your resource income, like cropland and timber mill and a map to manage your conquests and invasions.

You are presented with a tutorial, that will guide you through the gameplay basics, the location of the various options etc., this is pretty clear and you’ll get used to it quickly.

The game features a task system to get you going, and for each finished task you get a reward.

When you star the game you have 7 days of protection against enemy attacks, but you cannot attack either, this is called the “new player protection”. This gives you enough time to prepare yourself and your empire.

The game features online chat where you can socialize with other players, the chat offers several options, from global to private chat, passing by allies etc.

War of Legends is free to play, but it has its own monetization system through WoLCash, you can use a paypal account to buy extra credits, this can be used to purchase in-game items such as artifacts or armor.

The game strategy is enhanced by several aspects, besides the normal troops, or units you can produce to fight, from archers, Halberdiers, Swordsmen and Charioteers there are two other major things: Legends and Items.

Legends, are great heroes who can help your kingdom to grow and lead your armies to victory. You’ll have to build a sanctuary to summon legends to your city, and recruit them into your pavilion. You can assign troops to each legend, and victory in battle will increase the legend’s experience.

Items are items of great mystical power that can be used to help you build your kingdom. You can purchase items from the shop interface using WoLCash, and you can even send them to other players as gifts.

The combination of all of this variables gives War of Legends a lot of possibilities and a deep gameplay experience.

Graphics are very good and detailed, as is the general game artwork. If you are a strategy fan this could be a great choice.

Tips and Tricks

War of Legends Beginners Guide

This tutorial shows you the basic screen options of the game.

If you are new to this type of game you should choose to learn more about the game.

The following screens show the various option of the game:


  • Halberdier – this is the starting unit that you will be able to train. Halberdiers aren’t as strong as other types, but can be constructed quickly and Legends can lead large numbers into battle to overwhelm smaller armies. The Halberdier is slightly stronger than normal against Charioteers.
  • Swordsmen – these are generally stronger than Halberdiers, but require more resources to train. Swordsmen are stronger against Archers, and their tougher armour makes them that bit more resilient in combat.
  • Archers – this unit is strong against Halberdiers, however training Archers does use up a lot of resources such as wood and food. Archers also have a special ability in that they strike first in any battle. In large numbers they can defeat their opponents before they’ve even had a chance to attack!
  • Charioteers – these are the strongest unit in the game, and are simply awesome in battle! They specialise against swordsmen. Legends can only lead small numbers at a time, and you will need a large population to train them, but once they charge you’ll know it was worth it.

For more information check the in-game help section.

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