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WarFlow is set in an ancient land. People are suffering from years of war between three nations. Gamers will play heroes to save this land of chaos.
The brand new war game WarFlow was developed based on flash technologies that produce aimated interfaces and guarantee a user-friendly gaming experience.

As a coalition of vivid fighting scenes and varied strategies, WarFlow consists of multiple systems including City, Battles, Legion, Farm, Mine and Heroes, where gamers are able to utilize their advantages to the best to win out.

WarFlow is a mix between turn-based (most of the time) and  real-time game. The entire game can be played in a browser on either a PC or a Mac, or any device that supports Flash.

There is nothing to install, and nothing that stays behind on your computer when you’re finished your session. And it’s a persistent world, so you really feel like you are building something that stands the test of time.

WarFlow is free to play, so just that pretty good. You just need to head to WarFlow.com or use the play now at the end of this page, to get things started. From there you can select a server to play on.

WarFlow is set in the tumultuous times of ancient China, when various dynasties and warlords fought to unite and control the country. Eventually you will find yourself participating in battles alongside (and sometimes against) your countrymen, but when you start out you are simply a little warlord in a big sea.

Thankfully, you are protected from attacks from anyone else until you learn the ropes. Every ten levels or so you are asked to move your capital city to a new zone within China, and each zone offers new rewards and challenges.

The brilliant thing about WarFlow is that you can play a little or a lot. Your main focus is improving your city. This is done by telling the builders what they should improve. You can chosse to  gain a greater tax revenue by building houses, or improve your army on training camp.

When you give your builders a command, they set to work doing tasks. How long it will take is shown via a countdown timer. Some things are quick but other can take a while, depending on its complexity. Meanwhile there are other things to do. You need to raise an army and conquer the world or at least protect yourself from it. At the beginning  your army consists of one group of soldiers of a type you choose. But as you expand your territory, you will be able to hire more heroes and grow your army, since armies are attached to heroes.

To improve your heroes and armies, you need to train them. Training is very much like building things, meaning you give the  order and wait.

After the first part of the game, wich is almost totally devoted to building, you will have to start fighting. Which is the best part of the game actually.

You’ll star fighting computer oponnents fisrt and then evolve to actually fighting other players, first participating on group fights and when your ready fighting alone. The battle graphics are excellent, and the battles very envolving.

Once you become powerful enough, you will be able to fight group battles, where multiple players come together to attack an enemy army. These are fought using the same battlefield rules, but on a much grander scale.

There is one other special kind of battle that is unique to the WarFlow game, and that is the Mine War. During a mine war, everyone from the three different nations gathers on a strategic map to try and conquer a field of mines.

As a twist, when two of the three nations starts to lose, they are combined into a new team against the country that is dominating, which makes the war go on even longer. Mine Wars activate every few days when the game clock strikes 16:00 in the summer season and runs for one hour.

In the average war games, gamers have to wait a long time before enough resources are collected and required buildings are built. So much time is wasted on these uninteresting projects that very little joy is left for gamers to experience. In WarFlow, buildings are finished instantly and no production or training required for soldiers. Instead, Heroes are the fighters in WarFlow. With no redundant tasks involved, gamers are able to focus on strengthening their Heroes by training, improvement, technologies and equipments.

Silver that can be obtained instantly in WarFlow is almost the only resource required for governmental and military construction. At this rate, gamers spend little time on construction and upgrades and have more time to manage their various types of forces (72 in total) and formations (10 in total).

WarFlow unlocks group-fight and legions for characters of around level 10. At first gamers can go on a group-fight against NPC and later they can have Legion vs Legion wars.

Gamers are given plenty of free MCUs (required for initiating attacks) and free chances to gain Silver. They can spend a little money to speed up the growth of forces, but it’s not necessary since WarFlow allows gamers to outfox each other without spending a penny.

For further details on this new game, check out the official WarFlow website at: http://warflow.dovogame.com/

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War Flow – gameplay

Warflow – Best War Strategy Game Of 2011 [HD]

WarFlow – Starters Demo – Best New War Strategy 2011 [HD]

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