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WarStorm is closed since September 2011

Warstorm is a fantasy-themed collectible card game. Collect, build and command squads of knights, elves, dragons, demons, and other mystical creatures. Compete against your friends, other Facebook players, or non-player characters in this fast-paced addictive card game.

Genre: Cards, Strategy, RPG

Developer name: Zynga

Warstorm offers a rich strategy experience and a wildly entertaining “battle viewer” – watch your cards battle for victory.
Warstorm is a browser-based, short form game that combines elements of collectible card games (CCG) and massively multi-player online games (MMO). Warstorm simplifies the complex deck building required by typical collectible card games by introducing an innovative squad concept. In the warstorm, you are a warlord leading a mighty army. Assemble squads of heroes, soldiers, and dangerous beasts, then send those squads into battle against other armies.

The lands are ripe for plunder, and only a few ragtag armies stand between you and total conquest.Wish to review your troops? Go to your card collection page. If you would prefer to assemble your squads, then you will want to visit the squad builder .When you are ready for battle, head to the battle grounds to test your mettle!

In Warstorm, the game automatically tracks your victories according to a variety of criteria. When you win enough games in a certain category, you get an achievement in that category. Each win can count in several different categories at once.

Achievements are displayed on your avatar page and your challenge page. You also get a reward. Bronze badges are rewarded with basic packs, silver badges with core packs, and silver and platinum badges come with special cards!

You can only earn each achievement once. Once you’ve hit 1550 on the beginner ladder, for instance, you can’t get another Bronze Badge of the Corporal, even if your rating drops to 1525 and climbs back to 1550. Once you get to the intermediate ladder, though, you become eligible for the Silver Badge of the Corporal, whether you’ve won the Bronze badge or not.

The Battle Viewer is the “table” for the Warstorm card game. Your opponent’s cards are played at the top of the screen. Your cards are played at the bottom of the screen.

The red bars on the left side show the current Morale points for you and your opponent. You are defeated when you have zero Morale points.

The dial in the center left of the screen shows how many turns have been played in the game. The pointer shows whether it is your turn or your opponent’s turn.

The Reserves are represented by the “Duels: Warstorm” card backs on the left side of the screen. Your Reserve is made up of the squad cards you chose to play for the battle. It is shuffled into a random order at the beginning of the game. Each player draws one card from his or her deck at the beginning of his or her turn.

The Card Hand is the bar to the right of the Reserve. When a player draws a card, that card is placed in the Card Hand until it can enter play. The number in the bottom left corner of each card is a counter representing the number of turns (both yours and your opponent’s) remaining until the card enters play.

The Battle Area is the large area at the center of the screen. When a card enters play, it is placed on that player’s side of the Battle Area. Units are always arranged in order of play, with the unit that has been in play longest on the left.

The Graveyards are the boxes marked with a skull. Cards are placed in the Graveyard when they have been used up or destroyed. Each player puts his or her cards in his or her own Graveyard.

Many units have special abilities. These abilities allow units to deal extra damage to other units, heal themselves or their allies, an even return from the grave!

A unit uses its special ability once per turn, either as part of its regular action or in response to an opponent’s action. A unit can use all its special abilities and attack in the same turn.

Spells and artifacts can also have special abilities. An artifact confers its special ability on the unit it is attached to. A spell triggers its special ability, and is then placed in its player’s Graveyard.

Rise up to the challenge and conquer your enemies!


Strategy Guide

Playing Warstorm

Warstorm Duels


How to Play WarStorm

Clicking the question mark (?) at the animation speed panel will also let you view details about Warstorm’s user interface.

Warstorm Navigation


– Quick Match – Unlocked after completing the first campaign. Here you can battle thousands of players to get ideas, experience and silvers playing the game. Get 3 wins to get 1000 silvers.

– Daily Match – Unlocked after completing the first campaign. Challenges offered daily that can be completed to get rewards.

– Single Player Missions – Take campaigns and complete missions here to get more cards while learning the basics. Select squads to join the fight then click the attack button. All battles are automatic so just sit, relax and see if you can win.

– Achievements – Complete to get powerful cards as rewards.


– Add New Squads – Every squad requires a Hero and the capacity of a squad depends on the Hero’s Unit Count. For the above card, the Hero’s Unit Count is 6.

– Edit Squad – Move, add or replace cards here by double clicking or dragging the cards. Fill up all the slots and don’t forget to click “Done” after editing. Artifacts and Spells can’t be used if the Hero has 0 Artifact (yellow) and Spell (blue) count just like the card above.

– Delete Squad – Clears out squads to give space. This will not delete the cards.


– View all cards that you have here. Click the TYPE and FACTION tabs to view specific cards.

– You can also give out extra cards here to your friends.

– Ready – Number that decreases every after each players turn. When it reaches 0 the card will enter the battle. For the card above, the Ready is 10 turns.

– Attack – Damage that a card can deal. The above card’s Attack is 3.

– Health – Damage a unit can take. The above card’s Health is 8.

– Card Effect – Written texts that describes what the card can do or cast. The card above doesn’t have any card effect. Some card are untradable just like the card above.


– Buy single cards or card packs, pre-built squads and campaigns here.
– Trades are made through Silvers (in-game money) and Cash (real money).


– Buy boosters here. Morale for your own health and Attack+, Health+ and -Readiness for your units.
– Save the Province Campaign –

Squad 1: Lord General Pozak – given at the tutorial
Squad 2: Blade Master Wilaren – available after Mission 4-8

Campaign Missions and Recommended Actions from Tips:
1-8 – Done after the tutorial
2-8 – Use Squad 1
3-8 – Use Squad 1
4-8 – Squad 1, Replace 2 Infantry cards with 2 Anglor Riders.
5-8 – Add Squad 2, Blade Master Wilaren as Hero with 6 Infantry cards.
6-8 – Squad 1, Replace 2 Infantry cards with 2 Beasts.
7-8 – Squad 1, Replace 2 Beasts with 2 Estian Scullcrashers.
8-8 – Squad 2, Replace 2 Infantry cards with 2 Anden Wardens.

Congratulations! you have completed your first campaign. So far what we have learned are:

– Battles are automatic and cards are taken from the squads randomly.
– Shows how Damage and Health of each unit clash each other.
– Replacing cards from squads to counter certain cards.
– Replacing cards from squads to avoid enemy card’s effects.
– Adding new squad and using all squads as one.
– A Squad must share only one Faction.
– Units with card effects such as Trample, Regenerate, Heal and Retaliate.

Recruit an Army Campaign

Squad 1: Lord General Pozak
with Estian Warrior, Estian Cleric, 2 Estian Skullcrashers and 2 Anglor Riders.
Squad 2: Blade Master Wilaren
with 2 Anden Wardens, 2 Silvintri Warriors and 2 Forest Crawlers.

Campaign Missions and Recommended Actions from Tips:
1-12 – Attack with both squads
2-12 – Squad 1, Replace 2 Anglor Riders with 2 Anglor Warmaidens.
3-12 – Use Squad 1
4-12 – Use Squad 2
5-12 to 8-12 – Use Squad 1
9-12 – Squad 1, Put 2 Estian Skullcrashers, Dervish of Kulnar, Estian Mage,
Anglor Skirmisher and a Beast.
10-12- Use Squad 1
11-12- Squad 1, Replace 2 Estian Skullcrashers and Beast with 2 Anglor Warmaidens
and Estian Cleric.
12-12- Squad 2, Put Anden Wolverine, Icemage of Aradaan, Twilight Warrior,
Anden Ranger, Icebow Archer and Silvintri Mage.

Now you have more units with unique effects at your disposal. If you fail in a battle once, experiment and take note of your enemies cards to counter them. You can check up on cards to view it’s effects by clicking them.

Free Your Neighbors Campaign

Squad 1: Lord General Pozak
with 2 Anglor Warmaidens, Dervish of Kulnar, Anglor Skirmisher, Estian Mage
and Estian Cleric.
Squad 2: Blade Master Wilaren
with Anden Wolverine, Icemage of Aradaan, Twilight Warrior, Anden Ranger,
Icebow Archer and Silvintri Mage.

Campaign Missions and Recommended Actions from Tips:

1-10 – Use Squad 1
2-10 – Use Squad 2
3-10 – Squad 2, Replace Anden Wolverine and Anden Ranger with 2 Forest Crawlers.
4-10 – Use Squad 1
5-10 – Squad 2, Replace 2 Forest Crawlers with 2 Anden Wardens.
6-10 – Use Squad 2
7-10 – Use Squad 1
8-10 – Use Squad 1
9-10 – Use Squad 1
10-10 – Use Squad 1

Earn silvers or cash and purchase more cards at the Shop. Buy faction packs or pre-built squads to unlock Orc, Demon and Undead factions. You can also get Warstorm cash from treasure troves and gifts to be able to purchase and unlock more campaigns.

Buy elf packs at the shop (5000 silvers) and try to create at least 4 elf squads as a start.

Great Rewards

– Log in to Warstorm everyday to get rewards.
– Share Treasure Troves and Gifts. New Mystery cards, 2000 silvers and 1Cash are some of the best gifts that you must get.
– Complete the Emissary to the Elves campaign bundle at the shop to collect great rewards.
– Try to deflect invasions on your map to get silvers daily.
– Complete achievements to get powerful T4 or T7 cards.


– If you can’t win a battle, collect more cards and customize your squads then try again.
– To avoid your Daily Challenge getting harder, just complete the first 2 challenge then stop. Do not complete the third challenge. This way you will get easy sure shot silvers everyday.
– Fight every friend or allies that you have to get more silvers. It doesn’t matter if you lose 3 consecutive times, you will still net a good amount of silvers. Fight every one of them 3 times in a row.
– At the quick match, refrain from using 3 to 4 squads unless you are very confident.
– At the battle window, you can increase the animation speed or pause the battle from the speed bar located below the window.


To determine what tier is your card, take note of the title color of your card.
T1 simply means Tier 1 and so on.
– T7 – Red – fabled cards
– T6 – Orange – legendary cards
– T5 – Purple – epic cards
– T4 – Blue – rare cards
– T3 – Green – uncommon cards
– T2 – White – common
– T1 – Gray – basic cards

– Ignore the novice packs.
– At early levels, only buy elf faction packs with 5000 silvers until you have at least 4 strong elf squads . It will net you better cards this way and elf faction will always be a useful squad even at higher levels.

– Card Buffers. Example, not all “archers” (units holding a bow) or units that has an “archery” card effect is an Archer. The unit or card must have an Archer written below the card title or card name. This way, you can benefits from Treehold’s effects that gives Protect 2 and Immune to friendly Archers.

– Units with 4 Ready and 2 Attack is a good one. If you have a card with 6 Ready and 2 Attack, look for it’s higher tier if it is available.

You should finish the Facebook Warstorm tutorials. The tutorials will teach beginners how to play the game, and, perhaps more importantly, the different abilities of each card and how these abilities interact with each other. These interactions form the basis for combos and squad concepts, which in turn spell the difference between a mediocre squad and a killer squad.

For example, Poison is an annoying ability to deal with, but as the tutorial shows, most poisonous creatures have only an attack rating of 1, so they can easily be neutralized with a few units that have the Block ability.

The tutorials will let you master the basics of the card abilities, which will form the basis for the advanced combos. And, of course, the tutorials will provide many low-level, yet useful, cards.

Card Collection Hints: Building up your card collection

At the start, you will have only have cards from the Human and Elf factions. With the little money that you earn, you will be able to afford only afford Novice card packs, which contain Human and Elf factions. You may be itching to try the other factions, but create a couple of squads with good combos first. This will enable you to win consistently against the daily challenges and earn larger amounts of silver.

When you are making enough money consistently, a good Warstorm hint is to start buying the Expert packs. These contain cards from the other factions, so you can begin to build Orc, Demon, and Undead squads. They also contain much sought-after Epic, Legendary, and Fabled cards (which have lower ready cost than their more common counterparts).

You can also try buying individual cards from the Shop tab in Facebook Warstorm, but at this point, most of them will be too expensive for your current silver “income.” Collecting cards through packs is a better option for now.

Squad Construction Hints: Buying Faction Packs

After selecting a favorite faction to build up, a good course of action is to purchase Faction Packs instead of the Expert ones—this ensures that all acquired cards are for the specific faction. For example, buying the Elf Faction pack will result in getting 6 Elf cards (with the same rarity distribution as Expert packs), which will help the novice player who is trying to strengthen his Elven forces.

Squad Construction Hints: Buying Pre-Built Squads

Another excellent Warstorm hint is to purchase the Pre-Built Squads. Although a bit expensive, buying the Pre-Built Squads enables you to get some of the rare and powerful cards for your chosen faction with 100-percent certainty—helpful especially for players who are in a hurry to get their first Dragon units.

Here are recommendations on which Pre-Built Squads are worth their price:

Coldshock (Human) – Includes Varu Blackbone (a hero with Zap 3), Estian Battlemage, Estian Battle Cleric, 2 White Hatchlings, and the spells Zap and Battle Preparations. At a price of 15000 silver, this squad is worth it, especially if you are building up your Human forces.

Deadly Arrows (Elf) – Includes Aradaan Silverhair (a hero with Command: Archers and Archery), Icebow Archers, 2 Cultists of Ardaan, and the artifacts Aseti Book of Fire and Gruesome Blade. Even at a price of 15000 silver, this squad is not worth getting, since the cards are easily found in Expert packs (except for Aradaan Silverhair).

Big Stomp (Orc) – Includes Grymish the Mad (a hero with Command: Infantry), 2 Enraged Yetis, Captive Snow Troll, 2 Red Tide Berserkers, and the spell Battle Preparations. This squad is not worth its price of 30000 silver, since the cards can be gathered without much difficulty through packs.

Undying Death (Undead) – Includes Ririk, Dark Champion (a hero with Regenerate 2), 2 Dirty Rotten Zombies, 2 Diseased Wolves, the spell Zap, and the artifact Treasure Chest. Except for Treasure Chest, these cards are easily acquired through packs; thus, they are not worth spending 30,000 silver on.

Maximum Heal (Elf) – Includes Enyi on the Brink (a hero with Heal 3, Pay Life), 2 Shield Riders, 2 Faithful Healers, and the spells Beacon of Light and Choking Cloud. The squad is worth every penny of its 40,000-silver price, because Shield Riders are among the best Elf units in the game, and you get two of them. Also, the spells are excellent, and the Faithful Healers can only be gotten through the Mercenaries Expansion pack (which costs Warstorm cash, i.e. real money).

Raging Dragons (Demon) – Includes Raganash (a Dragon hero with Firebreath 3 and Flying), 2 Red Dragons, 2 Red Drakes, and 2 Red Hatchlings. The cards can be acquired via Expert and Faction packs, but most players will be itching to get their first Dragon cards (easily the most powerful creatures in the game), so this the most popular Pre-Built Squad purchase.

You have additional info? Share it using the comments!

Keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


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