Wedding Street

  • Genre: Weddings, business management
  • Developer: Turpitude, LLC
  • GD Star Rating

Wedding Street is a Facebook game that offers you the chance of running a wedding planner service with all that comes with it! Become the ultimate wedding planner and share your unique creations with the world through Wedding Street!

Wedding street can be considered a 6 in 1 game, with all the things you have to do, you can initially get lost, but with some patience you will discover a game full of features and varied gameplay, but there are so many things to embrace…

You have 6 different shops, each with a specific function, the Wedding planner shop where you accept your clients can be considered the main one, from here you have to plan every aspect of your clients wedding, the flower shop, where you can set up the flower arrangements, the bakery, where you can design the wedding dress, the printer shop and the events shop.

A small tutorial will let you know the basics of the game, but in my opinion it is just no enough, for all the game features and options available. You should read all the option and try to understand the game to begin with, when you accept a client, ( and this is done by clicking the smart phone on the left, below Hon the game hostess), you have to fulfill the tasks that come with it, sometimes you have to design a dress, or to bake a wedding cake, or even plan the ceremony or wedding decor.

When you start planning a wedding you have to consider your client wishes in some specific items, it can be a color or a theme, so you have to successfully grant them those wishes in order to get a better performance.

Wedding Street features such varied tasks and missions, that will for sure provide a lot of learning and exploration of all of the game features.

You can also visit friends and gift them a caffeine, that will help them fasten their tasks or ask them for help in your tasks when you have no more helping hands.

On the downside, I think the game starts to monetize to soon, with your first missions taking around 24 hours to complete, your only solution is to ask friends for caffeine or to buy some, making players leave the game after the first tasks, and maybe come back tomorrow…

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