Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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  • Developer: Ludia Inc.
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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on Facebook is the first multiplayer adaptation of the show.  Ten players can compete together to try to get to the famous round 2 and play for the million dollars.

The first round of the game has ten questions, all the players in the room answer them simultaneously and the winners get the reward plus a bonus for every player who got the question wrong.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire format is always one question and four possible choices. At any time a player can use one of their two lifelines, to Jump the Question.

At the end of the first round, the winner of the ten players goes to the second round where they can win up to one million dollars. The other players can select to start a new game together.

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1. How do I play the game?

Round 1:

* Each show is split into two rounds, with only the top player from round one advancing to the second.
* In each round, your knowledge will be tested in the form of trivia questions of varying difficulty. You will have to choose from four possible answers (labeled A, B, C, and D) to each question, of which only one is correct.
* In the first round, players are matched to play against each other. There are ten questions to answer, and prize money for each correct answer can range from $100 to $10,000. After everyone has submitted their final answer, the prize money is then multiplied by the number of people who did not answer the question correctly.
* There is also a bonus, granted to the player who is quickest to answer, equivalent to the base amount of prize money for that round. There is a lot of money to be made in this round, but only the top scoring player will move on to Round 2 and have the chance to become a Millionaire.

Round 2:

* In round two, you will have to answer four questions, with the prize money increasing from $100,000, to $250,000, to $500,000 and finally to the grand prize of $1,000,000.
* If you can’t answer one of the questions, you can choose to walk away with the money you’ve earned up to that point.

2. What are Objectives?

* Objectives are tasks you can complete to earn more free shows each week.
* Objectives are optional, but by completing your 1st Objective, displayed on your in-game screen, you can earn additional free shows:
o Like the Fan Page
o Subscribe to get exclusive offers by email
o Allow the game to publish your in-game achievements on your wall

3. What is a lifeline?

* Lifelines are your last resort when a question has you stumped. There are two kinds of lifelines in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Jump and Ask The Audience.
* The Jump lifeline exists only in Round 1, and enables you to jump a question entirely.
* At the beginning of a new game, you will be asked to pick 2 friends to be your lifelines. For each friend you select, you will be provided with a Jump lifeline. If you do not select any friends, you will start the game without any Jump lifelines.
* The Ask The Audience lifeline exists only in Round 2. Activating this lifeline will post an invitation to your wall, inviting your friends to answer a question for a portion of the prize money of the current question. The question your friends get will be different from your question. After posting the invitation, you will advance to the next question. Naturally, this lifeline cannot be used on the $1,000,000 question.

4. How do I select lifelines?
When a question has you stumped, you can activate any of your remaining lifelines by clicking on their symbols at the top of the screen, directly above the question. Unavailable lifelines will be crossed out.

5. Why can’t we select the categories/can we select the categories?
The categories exist to provide you with an idea of what the remaining questions will be about. They are shuffled randomly at the beginning of Round 1 and gameplay will proceed automatically. You will not be able to select which category to answer next, but don’t worry; all players will have the opportunity to answer the questions in each category during Round 1.

6. How do I play with friends?
Simply click on the “Invite Your Friends” button and select a friend from the list to ask them to join you on the show!

7. How do I know if my friends are online?
When you first enter the app, on the right side of the screen you will see a list titled “Your Team”. This displays all of your friends on Facebook who play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, as well as their current online status and total earnings.

8. How do I earn more Free Shows?
When you first begin playing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire you are given 3 free shows. Each day you log in to the game, you will be given a free show.

You also receive free shows for having friends that play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. If any of the friends on your Team played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire yesterday, you will receive a free show today, up to a maximum of 2 free shows.

9. How many Facebook credits does a show cost?

Shows can be purchased for various amounts of Facebook Credits:

1 Show – 6 Facebook Credits

10 Shows – 50 Facebook Credits

25 Shows – 100 Facebook Credits

60 Shows – 200 Facebook Credits

10. How do I get more Facebook credits?
Information on purchasing Facebook credits can be found in the Facebook Help Center.

11. How does the messaging system work?

* Who Wants To Be A Millionaire features an in-game chat system during Round 1.
* This chat system includes a profanity filter; this is to provide a friendly gaming environment. If you wouldn’t say it to Meredith Vieira, don’t say it in the game!
* If you witness any abusive comments posted in the chat, please see below for the section on reporting abuse.
* Also keep in mind that you can disable chat by clicking the ‘X’ in the right hand corner of the chat box. This disables chat completely. You can reinstate chat by clicking the chat box.


12. What are the minimum PC requirements to run this game?
Application Compatibility:

* Operating System: compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OSX Snow Leopard (version 10.6)
* Internet Browser supported: IE7/8 – Mozilla Firefox 3.10 (Mac/PC) – Safari (Mac/PC) – Chrome (Mac)

System Requirements:

* Minimum Recommended Configuration (for win XP) : Pentium® class CPU – 1.7 GHz or more; 1GB MB RAM; True color (16,8 M colors) Video Card with minimum Display Memory: 128.0 MB (last driver update) – 1280×800 display mode
* Adobe Flash Player 10.2 required

Note: If the application has display rendering issues (lag) on Windows Vista please turn OFF/decrease the GPU acceleration from your video card (available from your video card control panel) then the Flash Player should use less CPU resources.
13. The game keeps telling me I need to update Flash. Where do I get it?
Flash is part of the Adobe family of Internet applications. It is required to play our Facebook games. You can download Flash 10.2 HERE.

14. Why do I need to clear my cache and how do I do it?
In order to speed up web browsing, web browsers are designed to download web pages and store them locally on your machine in an area called the “cache”. When you visit the same page for a second time, the browser speeds up display time by loading the page locally from its cache instead of downloading everything again. This sometimes results in less than current versions of web pages being displayed. If you believe that you have a less than current version of a page, please follow the following steps to clear the cache in your particular browser.

Although it’s not required by all browsers, restarting your browser after clearing the cache is a good idea.

Following are the steps for clearing your internet memory cache (internet temporary files):

On Internet Explorer:
1) Click on Tool in IE menu Bar
2) Click on delete browsing history (direct = Crtl+Shift+del)
3) Select ONLY Temporary Internet files and click on Delete Button
4) Reload the application

On Firefox:
1) Click on Tool in Firefox menu Bar
2) Click on Clear recent history (direct = Crtl+Shift+del)
3) Click on more details and select ONLY cache. then click on ‘clear now’ Button
4) Reload the application

On Safari:
1) Open the general option menu.
2) Click on ‘Reset safari’.
3) Select ONLY ‘Empty cache’ and click on ‘Rese’t Button
4) Reload the application

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