• Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: WideWar
  • Monthly Users: 1
  • GD Star Rating

WideWar is an online realtime strategic game based on google map. Build your empire by producing resources, fighting other players and gain glory points by controlling the world famous places.

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The main objective of the game is to raise an empire by producing resources from cities, creating army, fighting other players, and taking control of the famous places of the world to gain glory.

The game offers a lot of advanced features to make your game experience as best as possible :

    • High quality ergonomic interface fully integrated in Google map.
    • Advanced messaging system with server to player and player to player communication
    • e-mail alert system (set by players) to get informed in real time of important events about your units
    • Quick access to any position, units or point of interest of the world
    • Global ranking of all players with detail information on all players ( map of presence, production & consomation graph….)
    • Visual presentation and textual description of the main cities and point of interest of the world
    • New player protection with an invisibility shield limited by the player level (production level)

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