Wild Ones

  • Genre: 2D Turn based shooter, Worms like
  • Developer: Playdom
  • GD Star Rating

In Wild Ones, you choose a cute pet and arm it with hard-core weapons. Do you want to arm your pet with missiles, grenades, baby nukes, or laser guns?

Choose a weapon and enter a live multi-player match where your goal is crush your competition. Blow your opponents out of the water with your big, powerful weapons and expert maneuvering of your pets!

Wild Ones is a turn based game you can play on Facebook in which you use animals to fight other players. Using various weapons to attack one another. The view in the game is a side view and your animal can move left and right and jump. As you gain in experience you can buy different animals as well as weapons. You can also unlock more maps to fight on as you gain levels. Remember Worms?

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Wild Ones on Facebook: Hot and Spicy Match

Wild Ones on Facebook – Laser Cannon In Action!

Level 101 in wild ones

Wild Ones New Pets – Hedgehog & Chameleon & Penguin

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Wild Ones, 4.3 out of 5 based on 11 ratings

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