Wild West Town

  • Genre: simulation, farming
  • Developer: Clipwire Games
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Do you like Farmville? Instead of driving a ballon to the English Countryside, why don’t you catch a train West? Wild West Town is a Farmville like game for Facebook, where you are placed on a location in the Wild West country, you have to start your city from scratch, even clear the land for weeds, cactus, debris and stones in order to start build you little town.

But this is not a simple clone of Farmville, as it evolves your game play to something more like Frontierville style, you can plant various crops, and grow livestock, you have to build your city including diverse structures, some more essential than other, all themed to the Wild West.

On of the first differences is that you control more than one character,so you can do several tasks simultaneously, you are the mayor, but soon enough arrives a master chef, and then the banker to help you out.

Wild West Town features

* Design your Western Cowpoke
* Tame the Wild West and build your town
* Invite your friends to be your neighbors
* Take part in an on-going story about the old west
* Fight off bandits, grow crops, and raise animals

Wild West Town graphics and sound are great, Farmville style, funny characters and detail make this a very enjoyable experience.

Tips and Tricks

How to play Wild West Town

First you have to customize your avatar.

After arriving to town by train, you learn that you need to clear the terrain to be able to build.

It seems that you have an opponent, you will be competing against him for the best town.

Each time you level up, you are rewarded with money and resource, also you energy gets replenished.

One of your first task is to find water, for that you have to dig until you find a geyser, than you have to shop for a well in order to place it in the geyser so you can have water, for plants and animals.

IF you have doubts check the FAQ/HELP on the game page.

And the FORUM.

You have additional info? Share it using the comments!

Keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


How to level fast on Wild West Town


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