Woodland Heroes Guide, Walkthrough and tips

Facebook Games walkthrough and strategy guide for Woodland Heroes on Facebook, full with tips, tricks, and step-by-step directions to help you along your journey to defeat the Bear King and free your father.

As always feel free to add relevant information at the end of this guide, just leave a comment and we will add the info to the guide. If you have question don’t hesitate to ask, someone will know the answer for sure.

You start the game by playing your first tutorial battle, you have to place your weapon inside the green zone.

Once you have your weapons placed you just need to hit the “Start Battle” button.

Next you need to choose your target, the enemy is always inside the marked red areas, in the case of the first battle it will be on line of site and you only have a small zone, so you can’t miss it. Just hit the Fire button.

After winning your first battle you can choose your character name and gender are introduced to the game structure and features.

The main play area is a map, where you only have 1 location, your factory, different locations have are marked with different flags, blue flags represent locations you control, a red flag with a pawn is a location controlled by the enemy and a red flag with a black army is a location recaptured by the bear king.

Your next assignment is to visit the store and learn where to get your units, there are lots of units to choose from, each with different characteristics, but usually the more expensive the more powerful the units is.

The next steps is to learn how to move your units, just click on the unit you want to move and then click on the desired location, each location has a maximum unit limit, which means that some times in order to move a specific unit from one location to another, you might need to do some switching between units already placed along the way.

The Stirling Bridge is where your next battle takes place, this location has a limit of 1 unit, take you secret weapon there and start the battle.

As you advance in the game, the battles will be more challenging, in this particular one, you already have a bigger enemy area, so your first attack will be a guess one.

At this point take some time to read the Battle 101 tips Woodland Heroes offers, they are the basics of the game, but at the same time fundamental for your success.

After hitting an enemy weapon, make the math, look at the shape of it , in the lower right corner of the game screen, and try to finish it as soon as possible, if there are several enemy units, always try to finish the ones you found first, because while a weapon has a single tile left it will keep firing at you!

In this case there are 2 units, once you start firing, you will get an idea where they might be, for example, the lower one is a sling shooter and occupies 3 vertical tiles, so you can left aside any 2 vertical tiles groups left between your shoots, because it cannot fit there.

Hope this helps you out to start playing this excellent game! As always this guide is open to improvement, so feel free to share any knowledge you have on the game, so it gets even better!

Available Weapons – at the moment you have 66 available weapons, each with a different design and shooting capabilities, the combination of different types of weapons can be the key to success in several occasions, here are some of those weapons:

Weapons that require coins to buy:


Weapons that require sticks to buy:

There are also weapons that requires Straws and stone, at higher levels.

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