Woodland Heroes

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Row Sham Bow
  • GD Star Rating

Woodland Heroes is a turn based strategy Facebook game developed by Row Sham Bow, where you play the role of Leader of the Raccoon army to retrieve the lost land seized by bears and find the whereabouts of your Father, the former king.

After and introductory short story, you taken immediately to your first battle, the Bear King has challenged you to a battle, and Little Ben will help you in this tutorial battle.

Once you get the hang on the gameplay mechanics, you are given new tasks and assignments, you start with a small and you have to expand and conquer settlements from the bear king one by one, this is done by producing units, and moving them to the desired location, in order to produce this units, you have to gather resources, either by winning battles, or collecting from your different locations. Eventually the bear king will try to fight back, so you need to be prepared for counter attacks on your locations.

But the best part of Woodland Heroes, is actually the battle itself, strategically demanding and enjoyable, it resembles the board game of Navy Battle, each units has a different design, occupying different squares, you have to position your units and try to destroy all the enemy ones, in between there are a lot of strategic decisions to make, and providing quite a challenge on upper levels.

Woodland Heroes has a large map, divided into hierarchical regions, each with several locations to conquer and a final battle to step into the next regions, as you progress you get experience and new units are unlocked to use, also it gets more difficult and challenging.

Woodland Heroes looks cartoony and cute, with great animations, graphics and between levels story, on the other hand it is a challenging and deep strategy game with a fantastic core gameplay!

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