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EA brings YOU the ability to play general manager AND coach with World Series Superstars!

Acquire players from your favorite MLB teams and form your ultimate baseball team as you bunt, swing away or pitch your way to baseball glory! Thrash your friends and take on the best that Major League Baseball has to offer while you build your ballpark and grow your fanbase.

Welcome to World Series Superstars!

About the Developer
Playfish is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing social games companies. The company combines creativity, innovation and originality to create games for friends to play together over social platforms such as Facebook. Playfish’s mission is to change the way people play games by providing more social and connected experiences.
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Electronic Arts


Thanks to EA’s MLB licensing, we get World Series Superstars, a game for Facebook that features real players and teams. While it’s simple to play, this is a game that offers some real depth to the stat junkies out there. If you’re the friend that’s always ready to name an ERA or an RBI, than this game is for you.

World Series Superstars’ gameplay will be familiar territory to FIFA Superstars players. You take on a manager role, trading players, training them and playing them against other teams. However, World Series Superstars brings its own features to the mix, which I believe make it an even more fun sports title.

Right off the bat (pun intended), the game gives you a new pack of players to add to your team. This is done trading card style as you open each open each player in the pack one at a time by clicking on their card. It captures a bit of the feel of opening a new pack of baseball cards and is a great touch. When you start buying your own player packs, you’ll find that more expensive packs include better players. They’re all real MLB players, but the exact identities are unknown until you open the pack.

Once you have your players, you can spend time deciding who’s on the bench and who’s on the field. Each player has a minimum and maximum performance rating. This rating can be moved to its max by training your players, which consists of picking a training time and collecting the training points when that time is up. There’s a window here that rewards players who stay in the game. You can always train for five minutes for free, but you have to come back and collect within 30 minutes or you lose your points. You can pay more to train for longer times if you can’t keep checking your game every five minutes. Once collected, training points can be applied automatically or you can pick and choose who to give points to manually.

After your team is set up and thoroughly trained, you’re ready to play ball. Playing games costs tickets, which take time to refill. You play in the Minor Leagues until you reach the Majors at level 5. You can also play Exhibition games against friends.

Games can be as interactive or automatic as you want in World Series Superstars, which is another great touch. You can decide on pitches and batting strategies throughout the entire game if you like. Or, you can turn on the Simulator and just sit back and watch while your team plays for you. If you aren’t interested in watching the game play out at all, you can skip individual innings or the entire game. This level of freedom to decide how far you want to dip in makes the game accessible to both the baseball nut and the casual spectator.

As you win games, you earn experience, cash, fans and sometimes more tickets. Experience increases your level, which unlocks new games and new levels of player packs in the store. Cash can be spent on a variety of things, like player packs to build your team, stadium improvements to increase fans or bonuses that can give you advantages during games. Fans provide box office revenue that you can collect whenever you return to the game.

Baseball Cash is the in-game currency you can buy with real money. This can be used for most of what you’d expect. You can play more games more often, buy better players and buy more bonuses. In all, if you’re willing to pony up you’re own cash, you can move through the game faster with more success.

World Series Superstars does offer a level of statistical depth you don’t usually see in Facebook sports games. However, there’s alway an “Auto” or “Skip” button available to players who want to be sheltered from that depth and just have fun seeing their team win games. This is definitely a game for the baseball stat junkies to check out, but also a fun one for the casual baseball fans as well.


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Tips and Tricks


  • 1 star: 10,000 coins
  • 2 star: 25,000 coins
  • 3 star: 50,000 coins
  • 4 star: 100,000 coins
  • 5 star: 200,000 coins


  • Find yourself losing to people that are lower rating than you? Be sure to sub in your middle-relief pitcher around the 5th inning, and your closer at about the 8th. If you sim the game, the game DOES NOT automatically sub pitchers, which might be why you’re losing.
  • If at any time the score is tied in the bottom of the ninth, you will win. So if you’re down by 1 going into the bottom of the ninth, all you need is one run, and you’ll win!
  • Do not start major leagues as soon as you unlock it at level 5. Wait to improve your team first.
  • Middle Relievers and Closers lose 1 points every game whether or not you use them. Use ’em or lose ’em!
  • (Only when the game is tied) It is possible to load the bases when you bat in the bottom of the ninth. If you click on “Bunt for Hit”, you will be Intentionally Walked (IBB) After the bases are loaded, you can click on “Swing Away”. You will hit a Grand Slam, but will only be credited with 2 runs instead of 4. The runners on 1st and 2nd will move up 1 base, and the batter will circle the bases.
  • Early in the game, save those baseball points until later in the game. It is foolish to waste those, which you can only obtain by gaining levels OR purchasing them, on things early in the game when you can accumulate enough for something much bigger later in the game.
  • Having trouble beating your friends in exhibition games? Try to plan out when your best starter is schedule to start and scrimmage your friends. Because it’s an exhibition game, your current starter will pitch all games. Just a way to get a competitive advantage.

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