Year1K Quest

  • Genre: RTS, Strategy
  • Developer: Distrigame
  • Monthly Users: 200
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Year1K Quest is a Real Time Strategy game for Facebook from French company Distrigame, this game is set in Kingdoms and the first thing you have to do is choose one to play.
You start with one castle and have to expand your kingdom, by doing quests and capturing enemy castles, the scenario is nice and your are taken through a short tutorial, to learn the game basics.

As you are introduced to the battle area, if you are a RTS fan you will be bit disappointed, as it will be nothing you would expect from a traditional RTS game, instead you get two opposite castles, one is yours and another one is from your enemy, and the objective can be reached in two ways, by destroying your enemy castle or by capturing his flag, for this you have a certain amount of gold to spend, and you have to deploy units that will attack your enemy, each units as a cost, depending on its characteristics, some units are faster, other are stronger, its up to you to decide what to do with them. Until now all seems to simple doesn’t it?

Yes because there is more to it, you can play Angry Birds while you are at it! Or if you wish Monster Hero! The game mixes wisely, this two elements to achieve a great combination, of strategy and skill.
You have a Giant Bow to target your enemies, thus clearing the way for your ground troops to advance.
This is done by clicking, holding, targeting and releasing when you are satisfied with the targeting.
As the above examples mentioned this can be quite addicting, and when combined with the other elements even better!
You also have management elements to attend, collect from your kingdom, and improve your troops, you have blacksmith, barracks and armory allowing you to produce different units, improve them etc.
On the Social aspect you can invite your friends, but pay attention to kingdom division, for your friends to be allies they have to be in the same kingdom! If so they can be a great bonus, if not…
Year1k Quest end ups being a big surprise when you start you are waiting for a different game, but You get something a bit different, but very entertaining too!

Tips and Tricks

How to play Year1K Quest

You start the game by Choosing your Kingdom, you have 8 options, each with its own characteristics:



Dark Emerald

«A people bound by dark alliances»


Skeleton, living dead, ghoul, shadow, vulture, giant cockroach


Invocation, fire, black magic

In short

The fascination of an elite for the dark arts has led this people to share their land with the sinister beings of the night.



«Bravery and sheer determination»


Fox, sheep, viper, gold frog, clawed anteater, centaur, wild boar with a mane of fire


War hammer, axe, knife, weighted net, War scythe, slingshots

In short

One people, proud and united, where everyone is devoted to the construction and the defence of a simple ideal.



«Enthusiasm and fervour go into combat»


Griffin, rainbow falcon, wolf of the steppes, reindeer, gazelle, eagle, coyote


Sword, axe, mace, broadsword

Short Description

For this proud and aggressive people, being called to arms is a desire, fighting loyally a duty, dying an insignificant inevitability.



«Alliance, Brilliance, Valiance»


Orc, goblin, bull, billy goat, aurochs, bison


War machine (couillard, belfry, scorpion), sword, halberd, curse, holy water sprinkler

Short Description

A feudal nation of triumphant builders, they associate rigorous discipline with brute force.



«A fiercely defended harmony»


Black bear, tiger-bear, wolf, sabre-toothed boar, tree-man/men, giant beetle, screaming harridan


Bow, crossbow, javelin, pike, slingshot, blowgun

Short Description

A people close to the forests, allied with wild animals. They are formidable furtive archers.



«Rock and steam guide their paths»


Stone golem, giant earthworm, stone scorpion, gigantic armadillo and scaly anteater, grizzly bear, stone goblin. Drilling ram, “tank”, artillery, autogyro


Drilling ram, artillery, flame-thrower, autogyro, hammer, explosion

Short Description

Audacious, they fashion their territory and dominate their enemies using their inventive flair.



«A nation sealed in a secret»


Giant spider, swamp rat, Varan, serpent, gilded lizard, toad, venomous dragonfly, kobolt


Poison, dagger, sword, blowgun

Short Description

Through imitation of their inhospitable territory and its dangerous ecosystem, they are silent, dark and subtly disturbing.



«The glory of one individual nourishes everyone»


Wild dog, hyena, puma, sabre-toothed tiger, minotaur, cyclops, harpy


Ice, storm (control of the elements), hammer, pick, sabre

Short Description

Discreet and with a severe appearance, their extreme simplicity equals only their Heroes’ bravery in combat.


After choosing your starting kingdom you go through a little tutorial.

This is your Kingdom, and you have to do some starting quests.

You learn how to deploy units, and some of their unique characteristics. And how to battle and use your Bow.

Remember to invite friends to play, friends can be powerful allies, and you can get extra energy by visiting then regularly.

Managing your kingdom is a very important part as it provides money and units. In the castle view you have your castle where you can name your kingdom:

You also have the Armory, where you can get new projectiles to use in battle.


The barrack hwere you recruit more and better units as you gain levels.

The blacksmith where you can improve you Coat of Arms, to increase your reputation and impress your enemies.

And don’t forget to collect regularly from you conquest!


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Keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


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